February 2015: Bring It On

ME: Sometimes we are afraid.

MESSENGER: What will you make of this day?

Bring it on. Do not feel that fear is here to hold you down. Fear is here to lift you up higher because once you jump over that barrel of fear you will be on higher, more sacred ground and the challenges of the yesterdays will seem small and insignificant to you from your higher plane of good. Then you will have a barrel of fun. You are meant to have fun and joy.

Why have you been so serious and neglectful of your life and self these years? You’ve been doing instead of being. You’ve been creating a sense of worth in your place and standing in the world. You are meant to stand here and now for your own good and derive beauty from the seeming small things. You do not need wealth or prosperity of finances to create wealth and prosperity in your life. If you want it, it will come. But do not be tied to it because it is not the end game. This is the end game. This is all a game and we attract joy when we see you folly in it like you have when you teach the girls and give them your understanding and energy of love.

This is what you are here to do, so stop acting like it is just a pastime. It is past time that you ventured more deeply into it. We are not hardy fools in seeing you lag behind your real intent. We are not displeased, but we wanted more of you more quickly. We had to allow this suffering and this sudden fate in order to derive more time out of you for this enriching path. Do not be angry with us for allowing it to happen this way. We knew that you were strong enough in will to not have the humility that some would if they were put out to pasture like you have been. They moved you to a new place – a time space, a new time so that you could enter into this new state of consciousness with us.

Consciousness is a word that is troubling you right now. You are not able to grasp its full meaning, and you are feeling lost. You are a conscious being but your conscience has told you that you are meant to be ordinary and not extraordinary. It is whatever you want but miracles can and do happen when you let go and let God perform in you as you have performed in others. You bring about their goodness, so you need to bring about your own goodness by listening to us and letting your heart play a part in your decisions.

You have never been alone, child. Why do you say these silly things? You are a brilliance and a magnificence that is your birthright since time began. In your other incarnations you have found deep peace in exploring your loving nature as a spiritual teacher and student. In this life, too, it is your calling. You are not of this world. You are for this world to do what you must do in order to accelerate learning and understanding of our nature of pure goodness.

You were troubled in the past and focused on your material world but your growth has led you through a door that is now full of heart and helping and that door will widen as you embark on this new stage. You will be a doer still but you will be a being of more rich nature and proportion. You will have greater understanding of the needs of others and your role in collecting within them their measure of worth and value and displaying it for others to see so that they, too, may recognize their own individual divinity.

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