February 2015: On Being Loved

ME: We want to be loved.

MESSENGER: But you are loved. You know that. You’ve been loved since before birth. You’ve been part of us for ages. Why did you forget that? Why did you try to mask your being with all the busyness of the days when you could have been in the comfort of spirit? You did this as a neophyte, as a child who wanted protection from the mother father source and it served you well and good these many days. But your evolution is at hand and you have many greater opportunities to serve humanity and serve yourself in the making when you learn to trust that you can be and are all things you are meant to be. Do not doubt your greatness as we’ve shared with you before. You were born into this being, into this incarnation with all the teachings and skills and knowledge needed to manifest goodness in your life and to be a light of shining hope for those around you. You need not fear the responsibility that is at hand because you yourself selected it though you remember it not. You brought it into being through these past many years in your awakened state.

You are always at home with us, with yourself, with your God of truth. We aren’t far from you. You feel alone but it is an illusion. It’s time for you to break free from the bonds of baggage of rigors of daily grind and attract like-minded people into your heart. They are seeking you already just as you seek them. Don’t wait too long before venturing out into this unknown. We want your success. We see your success upon you. It’s beautiful and bright.

You think ‘who am I to have messages of truth? It is good and blessed for others to shine their understanding on to the world but I am just a small being of little worth.’ But you are a giant in your field of understanding. You are already awakened and it will be so. You must overcome your fear of little worth. It is a mandate that I give you now. I will not tolerate or accept you continuing to feel small. It does not serve the highest and best of you. Believe in you like I believe in you. I will not leave you. I can be here anytime but you must ask. Seek and ye shall find.

The dark night is upon us. It settles in and hovers over us to strangle and threaten and create fear with abysmal gifts and talents. But this dark knight has a nugget of truth. It is that it is here for the unwielding ability to have you hibernate and sleep and dream and then you will awaken and feel renewed with purpose. This is your dawning and it can be a time of wonder and amazement if you allow it to be so. It is of your choice, not ours. We are here to watch and guide but you choose this next path. You created it as we watched with gentle nudging and urging, seeing this as the chance for you to spread forth your wings and blaze with a new and sudden glory. It is the beginning, is it not?

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