February 2015L Sometimes We Tire

ME: I am tired.

MESSENGER: As you should be. Playing a part of something that isn’t real can be exhausting to your inner soul. You may lay low and let the waters of calm nourish and strengthen you. You are right to find nourishing souls who can love you, accept you and see your worthiness. They will be your protectors to keep away shame, doubt and fear that likely will try to raise its head against you and your mission for more fulfilled peace. Do not despair in this moment of dark because these companions have a mighty force of love and will, and will indeed keep you from harm. They can nourish you in this time of sickness in your soul as you seek to throw away and throw up the unwanted nature of your past. You are shedding the skin of unwantedness so that you may never again feel unworthy of being loved and unworthy of being brave and courageous. You are here to walk on water as your forefathers did as they taught others of their own magnificence. We all walk upon the waters of miracles when we allow our feet to be pressed against the heels of spirit. Spirit dips us in the coolness and then lifts us up so that we are not touching but instead are floating on the waves, and in time we float ourselves because we have learned that the magic is within us and not without us and that there are miracles every day when we seek within.

Be not afraid. I go before you always. Come follow me and I will give you rest. I will rest you in my arms of love and forgiveness. I will give you tender mercies of comfort in your time of trouble and I will need you near me in order to heal you fully. So do not step far away but instead step far inside, for the inner journey is so much more steady and sturdy than the one you have taken in these last days. This is the time to shine. This is the time to dance. This is the time to mourn no more for the past that is being driven out. A new path is being driven in that has carpets of soft elegance and riches and is paved with new beginnings and undertakings. Undertake a change of attitude and you will undertake a change of life and will overtake your previous countenance of minimal living. You will be brave and will be wondrous.

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