February 9, 2010: Showing a Path

February 9, 2010

ME: People are beginning to sense that there are many answers inside me if we simply trust that they are in existence and allow them to come forth. Can you show the path?

MESSENGER: Yes, most certainly, dear. It is time, is it not? I’ve been here for ages, through eternity. I sat with you in bed those nights ago and waited for you to come to me again, to ask questions, to seek truth. It abounds within you all if you believe that it does. You are mighty and strong and have many forges ahead that will lead to enriching paths and righteousness. Your spirit is strong and your heart is capable of bringing forth everything you desire if you only believe it so. It has been thoughts of lack and descension that held you back.  For there is beauty within and it touches your soul and unearths in you the radiant abundance that is, that always has been. Release it now and let it fly with splendor over the hilltops and waterfalls and have it soar on eagles’ wings. There is release of emotion in you now as you recognize your brilliance. It scares you still, as you hover over your current life and contemplate its emptiness and shallowness. You know there is more, in abundance, but you are uncertain how to manifest it without shaking the foundation of your life. The foundation must be shaken, stirred, uprooted and unfolded. There is little doubt that abundance lies in the path. Wealth is not in money alone. It is in the form of freedom of time, freedom and peace to prosper and heal and bless others who are on their path, on their way. Their way is clouded and daunting now, filled with traverses to cross and burdens to bear and then bury.

Lead them on with your assuredness and have it unfold through the revelation of mysteries of life manifest through abundance and clarity. Lead with your own heart and open it to anyone, to everyone who has a soft calling in the night, a yearning to be heard and consoled. Console them well and feed your own nourished soul.

Do not doubt the messages that you hear, and simply trust that they are from me, from inspired others who sit and wait on you and for you to hear our cries of joy about your blossoming life that is rose-filled and thorns have left the vine. They will not return for they are needed no longer. You climbed out of the dark path and forged a new one that sees only beauty and truth and rejoices with deliberation.

Why do you pretend that the path is not yet yours? It is here, in the now, it is tread with your own footsteps, your own tears of fears and your own joys of happiness. You are alive and well and the path is not muddled or burdened. It is releasing good energy and vibrations that seek to know and explore the truth of who you are, who are you becoming. I am wealthy beyond measure when I believe I am so.   Do you not see that this is your message, your mantra? Believe in yourself and then others will believe in you. You have chosen this path. Now choose it wisely and with care and create it into being. Now. There is fullness in life. You are full. It is your time to prove only worthiness unto yourself. Believe

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