July 26, 2015: Mindfulness

July 26, 2015

ME: What is your teaching about Mindfulness so that we live more fully in the Now?

MESSENGER: There are avenues of understanding that reach into the inner workings of our souls, and in this understanding there is light and fabrication of mystical deliberateness. This is the mindfulness aspect of the nature of man. Trust us on this journey inward, for there is much to ascertain here for you. It is about letting go of misperceptions of understanding and to trust that your journey into the inner workings of your being will lead you to greater joy and evenness in life.

You seek to control your surroundings, as all humans tend to do. There is comfort in the doing actions and attitudes, and for this you have managed to survive exceedingly well among the chaos of the planetary rulings. But in this measure you have not deciphered the true nature of man, which is to experience harmonious love and giving. In this nature you are free.   And that is what man seeks most. It is freedom in living and freedom in understanding, is it not? We seek freedom, but the actions of man are anything but free. There is turmoil and desertion of beliefs. There is dirth and darkness in the living state, because the actions of man overtake the understandingness of man. And the Actions are from the thinking nature, whereas the Being of man is from the divine intuitive nature.

This is the mindfulness that is sought by those who are awakened beings. They seek to understand their true nature of being. This is the mindfulness you speak of. We are grateful for the opportunity to shed light upon it now, because your planet is in a planetary shift of consciousness. You all feel it – those who are in a heart centered understanding and who have risen into their plateaued benevolent state of being. The plateau is a new level of inner workingness, and this is where the consciousness rising is occurring.

There is a muscle of power that is working on the planet now, and it is shepherding in a rising volcano of inner power that will erupt into a joyous conversation of love. This is what you wayshowers desire, and it is occurring in rapid force. And with that power comes the responsibility to shepherd it lovingly but with the muscle of force that will lean into men who bear witness to false truths. These truths must be untold, for they bear down the consciousness of those who have not been educated in truths. Their freedom is in peril and has been for eons, because they know not what they are living. They have not remembered their truth and their nature of divinity.

This mindfulness is at play because the wayshowers are minding the consciousness of humanity now, and it is full of benevolence and understanding. They are the ones who are rising the vibrational goodness. And it is time for others to steer the ship as well, so the journey inward can be on restful waters and not in the night of the waves of danger and harshness. There is a calm when the mind is wandering inward and is full of the wonder of the true nature of Universal Mind.

You are one who seeks to feel this understanding. We will shepherd it in for you as your will unfolds. But you must do your part by becoming that open vessel. Your own ship must be righted in its frequency, and you cannot bear down upon false witness that marries you to time and dimensions of lack and judgment. Seek to know yourself first and then seek to share that inner working with others.

But your message is not fully ripened yet. You have a voice but you must understand what the power of that voice is. Speak the truth and learn to yield to your own version of this truth. And trust it. Speak up, and turn up the volume on your truth. Know it in your heart. You have messages that share the benevolence of the Great Oneness.

Mind the store of your soul, and in that place of understanding you will then feel the way to the shore of safety. You will feel how it is to be the one who lights the path. You can be the one with your messages once you believe it is so. Be full of the mind of God and allow the God in you to do the talking. Simply be the vessel. That is the easy work – when you are willing to push aside you egoic thoughts and simply let Spirit (let the Us of you) move in and wander into the meadow and be in the presence with those who wish to wander there with us.

For that is freeing to them. To hear from benevolent beings who wish them no harm but instead wish to harm their denial of self so that is has no power over them anymore. They have harmed themselves up until now with their thoughts that lie about their true nature. It is time to have that be done with so they have the freedom to stand on that ship and in that meadow to feel the water beneath them as they float and to feel the earth on the ground shoulder their needs. They are both solid and liquid and these beings can become that which they desire, which is to be free in their nature and to live among the light and the joy and to walk and swim and fly into recesses of their soul where the joy abounds limitlessly.

Be bountiful in your message once you move into the compact place where you can be free in nature and work in contract with us as your divinity. We are here for you when you trust us to be and when you ask us to be. Ask often, and we will let you rise in stature because you will be on our shoulders. And we are flying high with you now. There is truth in this statement. Feel unto it. Let it be done.

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