March 15, 2015: A Focus on Purpose

ME: I have questions to ask about purpose and how is it that we find our purpose on a journey?

MESSENGER: Start with you.   You are the source. You cannot feel from any other place of being. You must bring it into you and know that your good is part of the good of all that is. We have said this with many people over many places and times, and we say it to you and your followers now. There is not one source of answers. There are multiple, unlimited sources of answers because the answers are within each of you as you live in this particular incarnation.

You came into this physical form to be vibrational extensions of source energy. You know how to live in its fullness when you remember to connect back unto that which is You. You are divine, and when you understand that your divine nature is living physical form, then you can begin to experience the fullness of the journey that is within you. This journey is here for fun and expansion. You are here for peace and joy. Remember that is your aim, always. You aim for goodness, and you will attract it unto you. But when you aim for lack due to fear and anger and remorse – that is a good one that gets people feeling less than and delivers them unto their own evil – then you cannot and will not expand. You will instead contract.

So when you ask how is it that we find our purpose in this extended plane of existence, we say unto you that it is here already. You are in your purpose right here and right now. And you need to only enjoy it and remember that you are part of it, and you are creating it. There is nothing you cannot do and be when you say to yourself that you can do and be. But the trouble with humans, and we use this word trouble with heartfelt love – for we know you are never trouble but you often in your conscious mind feel troubled – when you are connecting with your being you can feel free to deliver upon the purpose that you came here to experience. You chose a deliverable if you will, an intent, and that intent may change and expand along the way, but it is not a magic bullet that you must hit in order to feel that you have achieved all you came to do and be. You might reach that mark or you might decide along your path that you do not want this mark after all. As you expand, your intention changes.

We know that you seek to understand purpose in your journey. It is good that you are focused intently on this now, as you have been shackled by fear of being outside the vortex of your creation. Comfort has played you well because you learned and gained and you did become playful in other parts of your being. You have enjoyed the joy. Do you like that? The phrasing we give is important. You enjoyed the joy in certain work situations. But there wasn’t enough of it. It came in only bits and pieces, and you were left to find that joy elsewhere. So you thought that so much of your time was spent in those working conditions but there wasn’t much time for joy and it didn’t feel good to your navigation system. So you began to stray, and you found other places and ways of being that brought you joy. But those were tiresome because they were so far outside the work hours you had created and the taxing hours left you feeling at a loss for yourself. You didn’t connect with us or even with yourself much. You gave and gave but you didn’t receive from source. And that is where you started missing your mark. You cannot and will not thrive when you give all outside of yourself and do not leave time to connect to who you are and what you are to do.

You are to do what is good in life, and most of that is to build an intentional life within you. You especially need to feel part of all that is. It is what drives you onward. You are a student, a learner of life and an explorer. You are a spiritual being, and your mission is to imbed spirit into all that you do, so you can become a more integrated soul that is ready for more expansion. And you want to help others expand. But you cannot do the expansive teaching when you are under the pressure and the rule – we shall call it – though that is not the exact terminology but you aren’t being forced into submission – but you cannot teach the practices that we are giving you if you are not finding enough time to explore this wonderful vortex of creation that is in the here and now. This is a playful universe, and there is so much distraction from the outside, but you must spend time within for that is playful, too, and we think it is the most divine place of all to be. Why wouldn’t you want to connect with us?   We are loving and kind, and we have such knowledge that you want. But you must come to us and ask, and in the asking you will find.   When you spend your time doing the work of others all day long, you cannot do the work of you.

But you ask, “But I must earn a living and so I have no choice?” And we say to you but you do have a choice. Every day you make the choice to go to work and do, even if you are not happy. But what if – and listen to this closely – what if you understood that you could choose differently? What is you choose to create your own path? What if you took the risk and jumped off the ledge and said, “I want to fly”. Could you imagine what that would feel like? You might think it would be very scary, but we say to you it will not be, because we are catching you. Because you are part of us, and so you will in effect be catching yourself. You will not let yourself fall and scatter in pieces on the ground, hurt and bruised and broken. You will not allow that of yourself, because you love yourself and you see your worth. Your fear of flying will keep you in a suspended place of being until you realize that the flying is fun and is available to you without any deficit of ability, and you will fly on your own, and when you are in charge of flying you will love it. You will feel free because you are, in fact, always free, and this is just an illusion.

So you can choose to be a different person on a different path when you are ready. You must vision it in the vortex prior to its creation. It cannot be given unto you if you haven’t first had it as a first thought. It must be a first thought in your mind, and if you do not know what that vision is, you can feel your way into it. And that feels really good, so why wouldn’t you want to experience that anyway? Your emotions are your guidance system. How many times have you heard Abraham say that to you and others? We say it to you also. Your emotions are your guidance system. They tell you if you are on your correct path. You must learn to trust them. That is where humans find the greatest sense of failure, because they give little credit or understanding to this system of source. But it is everything.

You cannot drive your car without some level of guidance. The speedometer, the stick shift that says park or neutral or drive or reverse. The GPS, the fuel tank gauge. They all guide you in the vehicle, so you can have a journey. Imagine if the car had none of this. You would be frightened as you should be, and you would remain in the parking lot most likely and wouldn’t be willing to go out for long journeys. Short journeys maybe but not long adventures. And you are here for adventures. It’s always a long adventure in life, not in time and space, but in emotion. So let your emotional guidance system support you on your journey. And if you don’t know where you want to be you can at least let it tell you how you are supposed to be feeling on that path. And you always are supposed to be feeling good. Period. Good is good. Good is wonderful. Good is god. You are god. So you are good. Got it? Now go get it. Go get the good. And we will say ‘good for you.’

Don’t you love it when we use words to bring you satisfying joy? That is our purpose – to wordsmith you into a state of bliss and a state of understanding and grace. Find your purpose, and you will find God. Or find God, and you will find your purpose. They are the same thing, and that is what is delicious about this livingness that we call home – both your home and our home. For there is no difference between purpose and God, because they are one and the same.   God brings you purpose and your purpose – when you are living it fully – brings you back unto God, into God, of God. The book written by Rick Warren on “The purpose driven life” got it right. It was filled with messages of finding grace and walking in the light of source. Some of its descriptors may have been roadblocks for some people – the message felt conservative for those not understanding – but the intent was the same. We all have purpose, and we find it when we are ready to allow the goodness of all that is to enter into our remembrance of our magnificence.

You are driven to do good. You are doing good today in so many areas of your life. You call it mundane and ordinary, but we are here to remind you that it is extraordinary. You musn’t belittle your work. You and others all are here on a grand exploration. It is enlightening to be a part of it. We feel joy when we feel you living within your understanding of your divinity. And we feel it when you deviate from that and move into a place of non-attachment to source.

Be unto you more often. Be the being who remembers to connect inside. And that means connect with people at a deep level. It is this connection that creates a purpose driven life. Connecting to anything. Don’t forget this. When you are truly connected to an experience, a being, a place, a moment, you are in the Now and that is creation in action. That is what expansive becomes. Listen closely to this. When you connect at an honest level – at a level of love – with anything, you are in God and you are by your nature, expanding. That expansion is what is the purpose.

It can be any connection. It can be with that cat. It can be with that tree in the woods. If can be with that person on the phone at work who needs you. It can be in the car listening to that song. The importance is that you feel it in your core of you. That you feel how you feel during the experience. That you listen and give and be all that you are in that moment. That is as real as it gets, folks. This is as simple and as profound as you will ever hear from us. Be in the Now moment by being with the experience, and that is what connects you to your purpose.

You will feel God and you will feel your way to your next greatest purpose. Too many of you are not feeling your way. You are thinking your way, and the thinking is blotted out because you are overthinking everything. Instead of being in a moment, you are multi-thinking. Multi-tasking has become multi-thinking, and you cannot be in the Now when you multi-think. You cannot. So, you are missing out on the purpose. So, you are missing out on God. Does that make sense? Multi-thinking is overshadowing your present moment experience. It is too many thoughts about things that aren’t important. You are in a restaurant with a friend. But instead of being with the friend at a gut level of honesty and intent and love and comfort, you are thinking of messages in your phone and thinking about the calories and wondering about the bill and checking the time and thinking about work, and you have missed the purpose and you left God at the door with the hostess, and you have not expanded but have contracted. And you are exhausted at the end of the day, but your task list for seeing a friend is now checked off the list. And you can multi-think your way into another day of doing. But where is the bliss? You left it on the table at the restaurant when you didn’t give joy to the waitress who served you, and you didn’t give your all to your friend. You thought and thought about you and your unnecessary thoughts.

So stop doing that. Be the single thinking creature you are meant to be. Nurture the present moment. Go from multi to single and watch with amazement what you will gain. You think you will be less, because you are taught that more is more. But more is less. So be single in your thought at the moment, and you will grow into more. Single becomes more. More becomes less. It sounds counter intuitive, we know, but it is truth.

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