March 2, 2015: Fast Creation

ME: How do we Create?

MESSENGER:  Fast Creation = High Want + High Believe

(large emotion with it) – be bold

ME: Many of us are recreating our lives. What will it look like?

HIGHER SELF MESSENGER: What do you want it to look like?

ME: Calm, exhilarating. Creative, Active. Can it be all of these?

MESSENGER: Yes, if you choose to make it so. You are your only limitation. So you can decide if you limit your creation. You worry it will be taxing and tiring but that’s only because that has been your experience in traditional business. You weren’t creating the picture and directing it. You were being directed. Are you ready for a new play and new cast of characters?

ME: Yes, I guess.

MESSENGER: It’s not good enough to guess. You have to know.

ME: Know what?

MESSENGER: Know that you are in charge. It’s your show. You can show up or not. The universe doesn’t really care. There’s no behind the scenes scenarios where failure is an option. You win the award for best performance regardless of what you do. It’s just a matter if the audience enjoys it. And it’s a free show so ultimately that doesn’t matter either. It can be a packed house or an empty cinema and you will still go on. You are the main act – every time. It can be a monologue or a full orchestra of characters. You can even play multiple roles. You decide.

ME: Deciding is the hard part then, right?

MESSENGER: It can feel that way. But that’s because we aren’t practiced at deciding. We don’t listen to inner guidance enough so it can feel out of the norm. Making decisions based on norms, standards, others expectations and ease is how we typically operate. It was set up that way so long ago. So it’s the path of least resistance. But at the least, we should resist some because it means we are thinking and asking.

We think too little, ask too few questions of ourselves, and yet we expect answers. This is serious business – the business of becoming who we want to be. But we often rely on others, or TV, or simple conversations with strangers to set us on a path. We study the course after it is set so we can become a master at it, but we often don’t study our hearts and souls to even know if the path is the one that is made for us. Yes, we can abide on any path, but where does it lead? Money, yes, and that is good. But that’s not the only end game. Ending starts by being in the quiet of the beginning.

ME: What does that mean?

MESSENGER: It means the ending is fluid, we are at the ending of everything all the time. At the exact time that we are beginning anew, we also are ending. So we are starting the ending every moment. And we can then, get off at every moment, take a break, look at it differently. Reset the course. GPS a new direction. But humans get lazy. They get tunnel vision and set the course, simply, for Ahead. No Wake Zone. Clear View. It feels safer that way. Not for everyone, but for most. And that is okay. Because, as we say often, the journey is the destination. Which means every path is the right and perfect path. Unless it isn’t. And only you can decide if it isn’t the right and perfect path. And you decide that based on how you feel. Are you setting the alarm clock On for your life, waking early and jumping with zeal to get it started? Not hitting snooze? But, instead, beating the clock by being up on your own accord? So much to get done that is exhilarating? So much purpose to feed your soul? This is what being awakened is.

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