March 2 and 3, 2015: Cave or Explorer

ME:  How do we make progress?

MESSENGER: It’s all about how you feel. Our guidance system never steers us wrong. It steers based on auto pilot you set. Maybe you set it deliberately by how you were thinking and feeling those many days, months or years ago. You set the intention based on your thoughts. Did you even realize it? You are powerful beyond measure. We tell you that all the time but you don’t believe it. You play small time and again. Small and dark and safe – that’s the cave of comfort. It feels so cozy and easy. But it also doesn’t let you stretch and grow. So you eventually become cramped and uncomfortable. You need movement but you feel paralyzed. And the dark starts to feel cold. And damp. And what once was a primitive shelter that kept you safe has become a barrier to life and light. So we shrink in its existence and become smaller, needing and wanting less – moving less often, eating less often and thriving no more. We die a peaceful slumber. And we say it was good enough.

And for many of us in this particular lifetime, it indeed is good enough. Because in some lives, we want to simply Be. To relax. To Rest. To know that even the smallness is enough on its own. That expansion this time around may not be needed. And because we do it again and again and it is all within us to make it and be it, there is no situation that is not okay. The cave works great…until it doesn’t.

ME: How do I know if I’m in a cave or not?

MESSENGER: How can you not know? It’s like asking if you are underwater. Of course you are underwater. When you are under the water you may not feel the wet of the moment, but you were there when you dove in. You did the diving. You consciously made the decision.

It’s just the same with the cave. You crawled in, and you knew it was small and flat and black and without direct light. You originally may have thought you could change it by expanding it and going deeper or wider. But you didn’t bring tools. So there you have it. It’s a cave, and you are in it. And you decide if you stay in or if you go. Your choice, and you win either way. You are the explorer or the nomad if you choose to be. Or you are the cave-dweller. You can’t be both at the same time. And that’s the most important lesson I’m here to teach. Though I’m not really a teacher for you. I’m just a source of reason. The reason for being. So you can be the creation you want to be.

The lesson is you can’t dwell in small dark caves and also be an exploring nomad. Not at the same time. And most humans become both during different phases in life. We dwell and it feels good and comfortable, and then it grows tiresome. So we are ready to bust out. And we have to have enough inner strength to do it because the cave doesn’t make you stronger. It may keep your mind at peace but it generally starts to make you feel week and atrophied. But there is also a hunger that grows within us wherever we are. As nomads or as cave dwellers. That hunger is the sustenance for life. And we either have it in small portions in the cave, where we don’t need much to sustain us. Or we have it in large measure as the nomad, but we expend so much energy we need more and more of it.

ME: How do I choose which path I want now? Cave or exploration?

MESSENGER: You must listen to the calling from within. Be still. Listen. Ask for the Knowing. When you hear yourself saying you are bored, you have become boring yourself, and that often is when you allow the Universe to open up and create a rift in the landscape that drives you either into or out of the cave. Safety and solace, or sojourn into the unknown.

Trust the guidance. It will likely have pieces of pain either way. Because pain helps us feel more intensely. It is there during times of shift. It helps bridge between shift and comfort. And each time we shift in a major way, the pain point is often lessened. Our energy is at a higher consciousness so we are more apt to shift up as part of our shape up. It is more smooth – less agonizing. And for individuals who are most advanced in the processing of their thoughts know that the pain points have purpose, so they don’t grow scared. They feel the pain but it doesn’t overtake, and it is merely migratory. Like a flock of thoughts, they head in a direction, led by a leader and instinctively follow its course that leads to the warmer climate, the more enlightening path that is the new comfortable.

Migration is good. It is the one permanence of man. Migrate within, and the world with outward appearances becomes more fertile for future opportunities.

There is no doubt that you will succeed, because the course is laid out for you by you. And it always leads Home. But your connection to Source Energy speeds the flight and makes the journey an easier one. It lifts the wings so they navigate on smoother air, with fewer ripples of wind to cascade down and bring the navigation into turbulence and chaos.

ME: What do I do if I’ve been in a cave and need to expand?

MESSENGER: You have been in a cave like so many others. But while you were there, you educated yourself, you rested, you even grew. You are strengthened now because you are still vital. You haven’t stayed too long. You haven’t given up on the hope for greater dreams. So there is still time. Be true to yourself.

Bless your present and your past. Before you leave the cave, let go of anything that no longer serves you. Remember that at the beginning of the nomad journey, you have to pack very lightly. You don’t have the strength to bring much with you. So what do you need to get rid of – to leave behind? You want the cave to be empty when you leave it – remember we always want to leave a place better than we found it. The cave doesn’t belong to us. We are mere borrowers so it’s best if we bury whatever we don’t need. We don’t have physical tools but we do have emotional tools. Like Fortitude. That one gets you far.   What can we dispose of?

We were discussing the letting go of unwanted items as you venture out into a new existence. It is important to remind yourself that you are whole and your nature is good. You are a being that has extreme ability to nurture and to connect with all that is. You must take advantage of that on your journey, because it is the path that leads to fulfillment. Your boredom with the mundane is based and rooted in the belief that this is all there is. That it is about acquisition and then experience. That is the opposite of truth. In reality, it is about experiencing what is desired through the mind. That is where the joy is to be found. It is the nurturing of your conscious mind and finding the playfulness of dreaming. It is why babies are so content in their imagination. They are seeing all that they choose to see, whether you see it or not. It is as real to them as the physical items that you see manifested in front of you. They enjoy the joy of believing those experiences into being. So, too, can you, spend more time in the enjoyment of feeling what it is you wish to create. Feel what experiences you choose to have. Think upon them with fondness. Enjoy it immensely. Nurture and savor it. For that is all there really is in life. It is in this time of playful creativity that you do the real work, the important work that you came to do. It was set upon you at the start of this lifetime journey that you would harbor opportunities to create the existence you choose to have. Not for learning sake, but for enjoyment’s sake. We don’t create cakes and desserts to learn anything from them. That would be silly and nonsensical. Instead, we create these sweets to experience the sweetness, to savor that deliciousness. That is its only purpose. Unless you are meant to be the chef and you want the experience in order to learn to bake better. But for the most part, with most people, we bake the sweets in order to eat them and feel better when we are doing so. So, too, are you here to feel better when you are experiencing things that are sweet in life and feel joyful. You aren’t learning a lesson as much as you are being the chef creator of all that is good. And it starts with you spending more time reflecting on who you are at the core level and who you intend to be day in and day out.

So, let us get back to the question of what to let go of, because this is rich. It is time for you during the upheaval of change to be cognizant of that which weighs you down.   That which burdens you at the emotional and spiritual level, and by its nature at the physical level as a result. What angst is there that is curdling inside you that can prohibit good from finding space within? Each human has that area of unresolved suffering. We tend to see you hold onto it long after it served its dutiful purpose in helping you shift up. It may be the feeling of loss of freedom. It may be insult to injury when you’ve been branded in a certain way that doesn’t feel good. It is the nature of us to want to feel good, but our burdens held inside keep that vision of truth from manifesting. What other hurts are there? Lack of forgiveness – that is a large one that readily creates riots in our selves. Time and again we see you holding onto the hurtful thoughts. You nurture them as though they were an ally that keeps you safe. But they are torturous in their deceipt. They feign being gentle but the lack of forgiveness holds on tightly and eventually strangles out the good and merciful. It’s a deep poison.

So letting go of that unwantedness is a large part of the process of becoming ready for the next leap in consciousness. It must occur, you see. The leap is ready and waiting to happen but it must wait patiently for you to be ready to jump. You do have a parachute at all times, but the weight on your pack must be light or the jump is more severe and the leap length is shorter if you are still weighted down with the untruths of unlove, no forgiveness, anger, bitterness, belief in death and all that is untrue. You start your journey of leap of faith first by letting go and letting God Source take the pack from you and empty out the contents of emotions that have dried you out of emotions of joy and peace. Once you empty those from your canvas, you are then lighter in spirit and will leap further and with fuller gait, so you will land on firmer soil that is readying itself for a more miraculous and wonderful experience.

You can do it with belief. But with unbelieving spirit, your disbelief will keep you grounded where you are. That cave can then feel like quicksand without the support of ropes of barriers to lift you up. You will literally feel stuck as you are about to venture out. You won’t be able to move forward or certainly you won’t be able to leap. So the cave will remain the footing for you until you choose that it no longer serves your needs. The timing will be perfect without doubt. Because the only time that matters is your time. Because time as you know it doesn’t exist. You can spend one moment in pure glory and for some that is all the time that is needed. It, in its simplicity, is simply enough for this day or lifetime. For others, there is a time when more fullness is needed on a more routine basis and for greater durations.

Again, it is the boredom. Some feel it, while others do not. It is real for some and nonexistent for others. This boredom isn’t real, either, of course. We can never be bored with life unless we choose to close our eyes and pretend that we aren’t creating all that is. The director is not bored with his show, his creation. He loves it because it is of his doing. You, too, must love what you are creating. See it for the perfection it is. It always is perfect. Pain has perfect purpose. Sadness does as well. Ill health and poverty and richness and madness. They are simply creations through which to experience all that is.

And when you are ready to shed them, they will be shed. But you must be ready and you must harbor certainty that there is a harbor of safety for you up ahead. When you know finally that you do not want to have bored suffering, you can feel safe and assured in knowing that you finally are ready to create something better. But you must spend time in the quiet reflection creating that something better in your mind first. You think first and action takes place second. You think first and action takes place second. How many times must we repeat this beautiful message before it takes root in your conscious and subconscious mind? You aren’t alone. Most humans don’t believe it could be so simple as to create through thought. We have limited beliefs. We have limited them through our willingness to see reality instead of feel reality at our fingertips. We see it and assume it was brought into existence outside of us and that we simply are here to explore it and appreciate it and be part of it. But once we have the knowing that we created it, then all changes. Because we can uncreate it, we can alter it, we can limit it or make it limitless. We are powerful enough with our thoughts to do this and much more.

Jesus did all this and much more. Do you dare to believe that you, as a Spiritual Child of God, cannot do the same? That is evolution. That is intent of purpose held manifest by God Source of all that is. You can tap into that Source. Or not. And if you are not, then you are simply creating by default and the pleasure is not nearly as great, not nearly as profound. You are living often times in the dregs of what could have been even more powerfully wonderful manifestations. You aren’t conscious of your building blocks, so you are simply building small wooden blocks that have no ability to be higher and mightier. There are no fortresses or castles that you will build with these small primer blocks. They are too few and too small in size and quantity to amount to much.

But when you tap into the fullness of the understanding of who you are in creating and manifesting Truth as you deem it to be, you can construct all things with assured knowing that it is the epicenter of your mansions within. It is beauty in the making. Creating a castle that is for your own viewing and living and enjoyment.

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