March 2015: Delivery of Messages

ME: What’s the difference between writing from my Soul and merely writing?

MESSENGER: You feel the difference. One feels angelic and with ease and assuredness. And the other feels creative. Your creative mind is a wondrous machine and it can create with ease as well. But it’s a different experience. You know what you are writing when you are doing it strictly from a creative standard. With automatic writing, you are hearing the voice and you simply are typing. We are grateful that you are a strong typist because it makes it easy because we already are having to slow down our thoughts to a great degree in order for you to catch up and write the message. But we will work on this in coming months as you speed the level of learning and allow it to take hold in its truest form.

ME: What if I don’t feel that what you have to say is worthy?

MESSENGER: We laugh at this because we ask who you are to judge what we say? You may judge you, but you know better than to do that. That is one of your great challenges in this lifetime anyway – the playing small and judging yourself to be less than. Less than what? Others? Of course you are less than others because you can only be more than yourself at your spirit level. When it comes to others, we always are less than because we are not them, so they are already at their fullest level, and we are less because we cannot and do not compare. They are not apples to apples. There is no situation in which we could be equal to them because their being is their own being and has no comparison. There is nothing greater than or less than their own being in comparison to their own being. So you would do well to begin seeing your life only in its relevance to your own life. You are more than or less than yourself at any given time. You can become less than your true self. It happens when you let go and delve into depths of contradictory thoughts that harbor emotions of negativity. That makes you less than yourself. You actually lose part of your self. You let it go and you let God be less than. This is a large mistake but it is one that humans do often.

We ridicule ourselves and interfere with the goodness that exists in abundance. We can gain back all measure of ourselves and expand into the greatness of our being when we compare ourselves to the goodness of ourselves. When we see ourselves as whole and rich in spirit we become more than we are today. So in comparison, we are more. But because we are souls who are meant to ever-expand as we experience ourselves, we aren’t actually comparing ourselves as better or worse. We are simply growing ourselves so the self we become comparatively speaking seems and feels larger. But it is because we’ve actually expanded that it feels this way. So in this way, we are comparatively better.

But that is a complicated concept for you to understand. So suffice it to say that comparing yourselves to others only – and always – is a false negative. It is not real and only hurts you. You cannot be compared, and when you spend the energy in doing so, you are deriving no real pleasure and in fact are impeding the process of growth. Compare and contrast. Compare and contrast. When we compare with others, we contrast the largeness of who we are and we actually constrict who we are. We become smaller in nature because we either believe we are more or less than something. It is not truth, in either case, so our self of our Self diminishes. This is complicated for you?

ME: In theory I get it. Not sure others will because I don’t know how my words sound.

MESSENGER: They are our words, not yours, so they will sound fine. Trust us on this. Those people who need to hear that message will hear that message. For others who don’t need to hear it, it will sound superfluous, and they will move on. The messenger always reaches the people who are apt to need to hear the message.

ME: What can I do to speed the process of delivery of messages?

MESSENGER: You are doing it. Feel relaxed. Your vessel must be open. And in order to be open, it must be in a place free of tension. That’s why you’re being given this time away from work – real work – the tedium of life’s work – in order to be able to be a conduit. You can’t be cluttered and clouded in thoughts if you are going to be a message writer. You must have freedom. Freedom within – that’s a song you’ve been hearing in your mind recently. We put it there because it would nurture you and help you remember you aren’t alone. You should find all the words because they are poignant and on target with what you need to hear, and more importantly, what you need to believe about yourself.

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