March 2015: Heart Listening

ME: How do we listen more through our heart?

MESSENGER: By asking yourself to allow it. We have our conscious mind and our subconscious mind. Both are powerful beyond measure and both feed the soul. One simply has a more direct route to Spirit. An expressway if you will. It is this expressway, through this subconscious, that you want to be on. It’s a smooth ride, a much more exhilarating one than the clumsy freeway that is jammed and clogged with thoughts and speed limits and signs of distraction. So you need to ask Spirit to bring you into fuller understanding of how to let Go and let God. Be the conduit for the messages. You’re in for a fantastic ride when you do that. You can be the writer and rider and you don’t have to steer the course because it’s set for you.

We know the messages we are here to deliver. It will help you teach yourself but it serves more purpose than that. It will teach others who want to listen, who long to hear. But they will be a select few because the messages don’t have traction with everyone. Not everyone wants to hear how powerful they are. They don’t yet want the responsibility. And we can understand why. Because it is daunting to be that powerful. It can be tiring because it means you must be physically and spiritually fit to accept that your thoughts at all times and in all ways are creating what is happening with you and through you and to you.

You are sick because you choose sickness, you are healed because you choose healing. You are smart with riches because you choose to be, or not. There is no chance, and that is a large responsibility. But with that power comes the excitement of choosing wisely. Don’t do things by chance because that will change the outcome. Find the ability to truly set the course in advance. It takes muscle power of the mind and spirit and heart. You must train for it like those who train for fitness experiences. It doesn’t come easily.

You have to know moment to moment that you are in the moment, and that it is creating the next moment. It is not set in advance. That is why free will exists. So each moment is the building block for the next moment. And the choice is yours. It’s about how you feel in the moments that leads to the next realities. The light and darkness of the days is a direct derivative of the lightness and darkness of the thoughts and emotions they are tied to. Be true to yourself and you will lead with light. That is an important message to hear. Be true to yourself and you will lead with light.

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