March 25, 2007: The First Messages

March 25, 2007

Personal note: This was a guided meditation – stream of consciousness – March 25, 2007, in bed late at night, my having had a full afternoon of continued vibrations and energy and a very intense meditation period that afternoon. I could feel my entire body full of vibration and heat. As I typed I was looking to the right on the bed and almost saw the words appearing, and hearing them in my mind by a male voice, and I just tried to keep up and tried not to influence the writing with my own words. But it still confuses me and I wonder if I mentally wrote it all myself or really was just dictating. I don’t know….

Why am I to write?

To know.

Know what?

Of god.


In time, knowing the truth of the exactness of life and the messages it unfolds to you.

Why am I writing?

So that you will see the vision that is being created for you, for all of mankind in the essence of truth of being. There is much to tell and it shall harken unto you in due course. Do not be afraid. Let the passive nature of your existence wither away and become strong in faith. Let it lead you onward in beauty and confidence knowing that I will tend to you. As other have tended throughout the ages to our brethren. It is a bountiful supply that we are affording you now. You must listen. You must adhere with patience and calm. Let the voice inside you lie still. Quiet so you may attest to the beauty within, the truth that has lain dormant for time.

We are here. We are watching. We are growing strong in force and strong in nature. Come one, come all for we are ever present in your daily life. There is faith. There is bondedness that brings us together now at this present time. A strong light surrounding joy and hope. A zest for all things to become One. As it is said in the book. One with all. Furthermore there is joy. In abundance but ye must seek it. Embrace it.

Hold it true in its own form for life to see and sharpen its razor edges unto crystals divine. They will diminish in time as their ways are loosened unto folly. There are truths in caves and truths in rainbows of glory abounding from the heavens like soarers in the nightfall. Withering here.

Take heart, child, for it is unto you that you are seeking the beginning of a flow that will erase your doubt and bring a maiden voyage in days to come, years to come, months to come. Let go and let God. We can guide you on and give you words of light and love and influence the many if you will simply trust the sojourn and let it take shape as it is meant to do in this yarn that we are weaving.

Transcend above time and let it fall unto heavens like the rains fall now on the plains of the many who are weak in spirit and anointed with blood from the crystals that tear and scar and ache their weary souls. They are to be lifted to higher plains in time when there is right course and justice in the nations. It will be done now as it has been done in ages past. There are mountains to traverse now. They are large and wide and there are paths up them that are hidden to most in the white snowy peaks. There are paths that lead to trust and justice. There are eagles in our wake and they stream.

Your heart is ill at ease. Your faith is subdued in the meaning of all this and you ponder what the next course will be and where it takes you. It takes you far. It takes you to truth and journeys with bright visions and brilliance above all else. To the oneness that created you, that created all and that creates today through you and all men who are worthy of seeing the names. There is action in deeds and words that express with vitality among the living. It is with calm and patience that you enter the chamber of knowing. In the darkness you will slither forth and find the light that besets you with rest and love.

We are known to many but seen by few. We share light with all and have spoken to those who hear intently and with purpose but we do not speak lightly for it is in abundance that the message must be told but with honor and dignity and secret so that it may be protected from the field of sowers who would seek to harm the flock. Be calm and whisper the answers to yourself as you whisper in the winds of time. There is more to know, more to grasp, more to see and learn. There are truths in fountains that reveal hidden mysteries of time. Fruits of sojourners who fought battles to create the calm that is manifesting in our universe today across time, across space, across ages. Behold it in your hand as it shimmers forth with love and honesty.

Be humble. Above all be humble in spirit and deed and show yourself worthy of this blessing. Only then will you create majesty in your writings and be given direction that will unfold itself in right course. Light is being displayed even now unto you. Vivid colors that mark beginnings. Peace comes with the time, and honor is sought if ye take it with the grandeur that it richly deserves. There is solace in the listening. The path is full. Be passive and take heart for only when you trust yourself can I lead you to truth, to redemption, to right passage in the wake of others who tread this path eons and eons before and who continue on it now as we speak.

Light among men. That is the way. The wayshowers have made it so, through their understanding of the vision that was created in the beginning. We are here to learn, to witness, to bear forth our souls for Divine Illumination so that givers may receive more aplenty and serve with justice to all who carry on in these grounded shores. Rosy lights will feed their souls in time. White beings who are veiled now but the darkness brings forth with it many enlightened ones who are shepherding the path for all. It is a train of a journey that yields marks with clear channels and crossings. Virtuosos of chords in harmony with all in Spirit Divine, transgressing time and space to reach the shores here to deliver the messages of the Great Ones who bear witness to the facts of the old. The primitive lives that we lead in this existence are thrown asunder once it is revealed in course.

There is but One way. One truth that lies under. It is here, in this dirt, in this cavern of life where we make our folly and enjoy the richness of bliss and beauty by creating the illusion of life. For it is an illusion. We know it and see it even so. It creates a spectacle today, but it will diminish in time over centuries and lifetimes when the free are broken from the binds and are capturing the essence of the being more clearly and with rapid fire. Bringing to conclusion the story that has unfolded for eons on this planet earth.

Mother Father God. The divine being. At One will all. Encompassing the Power Divine.

Rest. Go in peace. Live among us and unto us it shall be done ever more. Amen.

Write. Write deliberately and with good intent so the message may be heard by many. Young at heart are growing into their space and need to hear messages of truth so they may advance with the ages. Be of good spirit and cheer. You are a knower, a chosen follower who has steady grace and multitudes of lessons unfolding now.

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