March 3, 2015: Writing with Purpose

ME: Does this writing have purpose?

MESSENGER: It does if it feels good to you or special. It is a knowing that you have as you type that it is following a path and leading you to truth and a servitude of trust. That is it really. It is keeping you faithful knowing that you have messages to tell through us and that it is important for you to turn off your mind that blocks the messages. That is the hardest part for you, because you think you are in charge and, in fact, you normally are in charge in your days. But those days are fading as you are slowing down. You’ve been injured externally through lack of love and now while you feel fairly helpless (we know you are not and of course at a deep soul level You know you are not) but this is a gentle time when we can gain more ground and have more influence because you feel vulnerable and even weak. And when you are weak that means you are willing.

You’ve been using the words I surrender and I allow and we placed those in your consciousness recently so as to give you comfort during this time of distress. Distress is a misnomer, though, because distress is likened to distrust. That is what occurs when you feel distress. You do not trust your emotions to lead you to true and right paths. You feel you aren’t worthy of being all that you can be. So you feel like giving in, giving up and the distress sets in. It is the untruth of the moment, the hidden façade of blackness that is the evil for you all. You perceive it to be real, this unloved. You trust it as real, and so it blackens out the good. But the distress is really a signal to your Higher Self that it must be more bold in its action to nurture and tend to you.

Our Higher Selves often sit back as a parent at the park that is watching the child in the sandbox. We allow the child to explore and make friends or enemies and eat sand and build castles and do those childly things and the parent can relax some, but mostly passively observe because we want the child to find independence and autonomy. Our Higher Selves serve the same role. We always are there, omnipotent because we Are God, but we have a limited duty in this life experience. It is up to the conscious soul to feel and explore and create. It is this creature that is loving and hating and finding ways around, and in, and through life.

And sometimes it is messy. And when distress, or distrust in self, sets in, the Higher Self must come into play and no longer passively observe. It serves as parent, this Mother Father God of us, and it gently blows messages and words of love and comfort. Sometimes you hear them directly like a whisper from within. Sometimes you feel it in the clouds and sunsets and parks and beaches. Sometimes you hear it from others who decide to ring you up and tell you they love you and remind you of your beauty. And sometimes you find it yourself in other smaller ways. And you begin to trust it – trust your inner guidance once again.

You trust that the negatives that you experienced didn’t do you in completely and, in fact, over time you realize they were small, much smaller issues than you originally believed them to be. Why did you ever think they were unsurmountable, you ask yourself? Surely, I’m larger and greater than this. It doesn’t define me. The distress slowly ebs into duress and then it melds and flows into sadness and then sureness and then assuredness and then loving kindness.

It’s a beautiful process, really, when you can see it as we see it from our vantage point. It is an ebb and flow, a smooth process of life as we learn to nurture ourselves as a parent nurtures. We feed ourselves with the medicine we need to return to vital health and to grow and prosper. We cannot stay in the distress state for long for it is not our birthright. Our right place is to birth newness and greatness and expansions. That is right and just and good, and we know it in our beings when we listen. So it is good for us to be here now to help you remember how to find your way out of your self that thinks small and bloom into the self that has Higher Source connectivity at all times. That is a Large Self that is joyful.

That is the picture you are here to create for yourself. Let the other go. It no longer serves. It is distressing to see you believe in its power. So we are here now, the Higher Self, to remind you, the Lower Self that is learning to live from the fullness of All, that this reality is for you to create. So create it well. We know that you can. You have done it many lifetimes before and are continuing to do it so even now. We feel that you know it intuitively but that mind of yours likes to be in charge and finds ways to dampen your path by creating doubt. You can’t doubt this. We are messenging this to you in this way because you said you were open to it. You will grow better with time. You will hear it with more vigor and with more assuredness in time. It feels clumsy now. Tight and a bit muffled. You need to open your heart more. Listen with your heart and let the mind wander off while we are engaging in these conversations.

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