March 4, 2015: Shifting Up In Consciousness

ME: Can you continue with the path towards shifting up and preparation?

MESSENGER: Yes, it is a good topic because it is rich with knowledge. There are times when we have greater vision for our knowing, and it is during this time that we are preparing ourselves to extend beyond the norm and comforts. We have stated that you must disrobe, if you will, of those items and feelings that no longer serve. They weigh you down so you cannot feel the path of newness that is being attracted unto you. Remember the parachute will protect you and bring you to safety with its nets of comfort, but you cannot be burdened with items you do not need that weigh you down. That discomfort of angst, of anxiety, of trepidation, of dis ease in mind and body are the forebearers of pain. So they are to be left behind, to be buried, so as not to slow the sojourn. Once you displace them, you can be free to place items of greater import on your being. You will be more free to dream larger, and it is in the dreaming that the fulfillment begins. So, too, you must hurry to that greater place of safety. Do not let the path overtake itself with the thorns and the slopes that make it untenable. You have landed on soft soil from your leap and now you are creating a path that is worth taking. The steps will show themselves as they always do to those who are prepared to find and follow them. Each step leads to the way of knowing.   You cannot get lost on the path. Remember that well. You cannot be lost anytime, anywhere. You are always found, in that you are always finding yourself in each new day. You are making of the day what it is to become by grace and by fortitude. We have said fortitude leads to greater fulfillment. It means that fortitude is inner strength. Inner knowing. Think upon that. For how else can you move from discomfort to ease unless you have the inner strength.

We spend time building up our outer bodies but very little time building up our inner selves. And the true strength of man is the inner self strength that comes from the trials, from the tribulations, from the joys, from the nuances of life beyond living in the daily issues and manifestations. You gain the strength from prayer and meditation. It is that simple really.

It does not have to be difficult for the initiate who seeks to find the path and walk it with assuredness. The prayer walk is a path to enlightenment. Remember that prayer is not a pleading, not a begging but is a knowing that the answers exist in the societal All that is. The prayer is the request for the fulfillment of what already exists Out There and when you are inside yourself and seek to have the prayer answered, you simply go within to the quiet beyond and vision it coming forward. Draw it unto you. Do it with gentleness but with force. Yes, you can do both of these seemingly opposites at once.

There is yin and yang to all ideas and to all emotions. So the drawing and pulling of these two forces can be done with simultaneous unison. Gentle force. It is the greatest speed purveyor for the Universe. Because it accepts that we are powerful beyond measure – thus the force – but it recognizes the gentleness through which we give favor to the Universal Mind, and it shows that we have favor within All, and that we understand that it is through grace and gratitude that we move mountains. Not through force. The force is the will that gets it done but it is the gentle grace that activates the movement and pushes it into being.

There is no greater measure for success than when you have found the art of balancing the gentle forcefulness of nature – that is when manifestation comes easiest for the Knowers. They have found their way within and the way broadens without the exterior of it all as a result. The yin is the soft. The yang is the hard. The edge of reason is where it all happens for you when you begin the art of deliberate creation. Your prayer work heads you in that direction of seeing it into being and feeling it into the deep understanding that makes it rich and worth experiencing.

You are letting go of those things that do not serve. You have lightened your load, so to speak. You have jumped with greater ease. Now you have entered into ritualistic prayer and meditation. Prayerfully seeking that which you choose to manifest. That or something better. For there is always something better than what you can imagine. Do not limit your thinking, as most individuals do. They know not what serves them best, so they select the safe items that seem achievable, that appear possible, but in turn they do a disservice to their prayer time for they have limited what is limitless and in so doing have in fact created limitation – a blocking off from greater good. It is difficult to not do so because it is the norm, the normal attitude of aptitude without reasonable extend of all that is and all that can be.

But with the prayer comes the power to believe into being what is next in the journey. The meditation serves to affirm the answers because it is during this quietness, this stillness of the active mind, that we listen with a sound heart and a hard understanding to all that we already know. We are in a state of active listening. And though it appears to be passive, this quiet meditation, it actually is one of the most active states in which we experience, because every nuance of our being is tuned in and connected. We are limitless at this time because we are feeding on the energy of All. So this cannot by its nature be passive. It is calming, yes, but active in that it is feeding and listening and deciphering the answers.

They often go unheard, and this is natural. Because our minds are not trained to hear the answers during the quietness. Our minds are trained to be quiet during this time. But the listening is learned over time, and in time we can actually hear the answers stated. Until that time of evolution comes for most of us, we instead lie in passing listening of the meditation and we then see the answers or hear the answers later, during our actual active living. The roadsigns appear, and we fail to connect them back to the meditative listening session, but it is because we didn’t learn to hear it in meditation that Source is forced to show it to us in our active living state. This takes more energy than is needed, but for those individuals who are at least readying themselves for greater understanding, they see that the roadsigns lead back to the meditation time when the questions were asked and the answers were unfolding.

We unfold answers to you all, all the time. Every sign is a reply to a prayer request or active thought unfolding from previous days. Nothing goes unanswered. That is what humans do not understand. Nothing goes unanswered. That is where power comes into play in a major way. For you do not heed your own advice to think before you act. We see you act in a manner without thinking of the consequence in spirit. The karma as we call it is that it boomerangs back to you in a moment at a moment’s notice. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The opposite reaction is that it comes back unto us. We have placed it out in the universal mind thinking that it is going away from us to some unknown outer source – to another being or place – but it drives right back in the opposite direction into us. Do you see the nuance of how that is spectacular and magnificent? Nothing ever leaves you – never, until you knowingly and willfully allow it to do so.

But you must be awake in order for that to happen. Every emotion, every feeling, remains guarded in your guardhouse – every trepidation, sadness, ill will, and every joy and peaceful moment. They reside forever within you. That is a lot of energy that is upon you and within you. The monstrosity of it is enormous, really. But it shows that the Spirit is endless. It has capacity beyond measure to take on things and places and people and emotions and feelings. And it processes it all and keeps it all intact. And it only is allowed to leave you and leave behind itself when you allow it to. You are the guard of all of it. You own it. It can be a treasure chest of goods or a prison of ill will. Your choice. It can be a light load or a bearing load.

You can let it leave with ease and when it does, it will have other places to reside, but not with you. But the energy never dissipates. It goes elsewhere to where it is needed next. You do not need all of it. For your self truly needs very little for its sustainability. And when you are ready for your achieving level of creation, you need your vessel to be light. Lighten the load in order to find the Light within.

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