March 5, 2015:

ME: What if we are scared of this path?

MESSENGER: As you should be with your Lower Self. For it is a responsibility that you feel. An unworthiness. But it means nothing. We are worthy of all that is good. All the time. Everyone. You are no different from anyone else. No better, no worse. Remember, we do not compare anything to anything. It all has the same purpose. It all Is, and there is truth and goodness just as it Is. Yes, you can achieve much if you choose to believe you can. You simply must decide what to choose. Choose wisely. We cannot say it enough to you. Choose wisely, because the path will be rapid once you choose it. You are at a heightened area of understanding of your worth – once you feel below the surface to the inner you. The outer you feels wounded. That warrior spirit feels soft and sallow and even broken. But it will repair itself in time, for nothing is ever broken at its core. It is the limited thinking that creates that state of abandon.

Even our physical healing is part of the path of the unknown, in that we believe we are limited in our ability to heal ourselves. But it is the only way in which we heal. Every circumstance can add to our health or deteriorate our health. Our body is tuned to its environment and responds in kind to every emotion we feel. You already know that, so your path towards physical health is much greater than for those who do not believe their course of thought actions create their physical pain and demise. You have surmised that your thoughts create your health, and you are correct. The mind is a wonderful jester in that it creates the symptoms that correspond exactly to the physical and emotional hurts.

There are no coincidences. And once you see what you’ve created, you can then bless it and shed what is no longer wanted. It sometimes feels good to be in pain, because it gives our minds a break from the daily creation. We can focus inward, and the state of ill health is actually a respite from the outer experiences that tire us in our mind and soul. But the body can be a place of full health, and it should be so. It needs to be in order for you to leap to the next and best version of Self. It needs to be whole and full of life, because the journey will be quickened. Let others know that they control their health. Every step of it. Every backache, headache, heartache, every pain, every aberration came from somewhere within before it formed on the outside of self. Every one of them. None are random. None are not by choice though it is not conscious choice. You have two selves – the conscious and subconscious as we have stated.

They are powerfully at odds with one another much of the time. The stronger one wins. The subconscious is usually the winner but it gains no credit because it is not understood. That is why it appears that life is a series of random events that have no beginning and no correlation to one another. But the subconscious manifested it into being and nowhere is this more apparent in nature than in the physical health and well-being of man.

Every disease, as you fully know and recognize, is dis ease with the circumstances and the belief system that is being manifested by a being each and every day. You cannot escape this reality. You can give the credit and blame to Mankind and to environment and to science, but that is tiresome at best and ill-informed at most. You are what you think. Period. No way around it. You cannot dance with yourself if you do not know the steps and the step to health is paved by the thoughts that live and breathe within you daily. This is your dance, so listen to the music and make the music be your path. Let go of the thoughts that do not serve your highest and best you. Be the Truth. Live the truth and the music that follows will be a melody that speaks to your soul, enriching you and bringing you into the fullness of physical health and well-being that you deem to be appropriate. You choose health. You choose well-being. And you choose illness.

More on the topic of health at a later time.

The key to greatness is to start with the end in mind. Ending is the beginning of all creation. It ends where it begins but it begins where it ends. You see, it is all circular in nature. You cannot get to where you intend to be if you have not yet set foot on that soil of creative idea. That is where the footprint is formed. And the path then forms itself upon that thought. It wanders and meanders or is sharp and direct dependent upon the weight of the emotion of the idea.

That is the weight of the footprint in the soil. Hard and firm or soft and light. The softer the footprint, the easier it can be to misread it and misstep and sometimes alter the course unknowingly and without the desire to do so. So the desirous footpath is one with the hardened imprint because it will not weather itself into a state of not being. It will remain regardless of the external conditions. It will show the wayshower unto itself. The path will be clear and easier to maneuver because it is more visible.

That is how the end is reached in time. But the beginning thought is where it is formed, with the end in mind. Know where to go, and the belief sets it in motion. Ask for this or something greater. Always something greater. It is the path of least resistance that is the path that is most traveled but not as enlightening to travel. Easier often, but with less interest and in that regard, less fruitful for the laborer who seeks to find the path of true enlightening.

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