October 29, 2011: On Becoming

ME: What are we to do to Become?

MESSENGER: You can see the truth that is becoming you now. You’ve waited years for it unknowingly, but it remained hidden in you for the purpose of this unfolding. At this time now, it is born again, and you are born again with a knowing now and experiential understanding that is beyond reason to mere mortal souls who are in their minds and not in their hearts.

Take this as a lesson today and for the tomorrow days that there is sun in this room that is now filling you. A brightness that wasn’t there in the darkness before. You were cold in that place, as it didn’t nourish your soul with the warmth and the embraces that you now see fit to cherish.

You wear them well. They suit you. You are made to do this work. Trust it now as you’ve never trusted anything or anyone before. It will guide you on your own path to freedom. A freedom that is born out of unlocking fear and shame that you weren’t good enough to please others, and that your eyes weren’t bright enough with understanding. But your understanding is deeper and richer now with your own truth.

Which is the only truth. Wash away the yesterdays of sorrow from children and spouses and pasts that no longer serve the higher self of you. Wash away the burden of knowing and being all and doing all in the monotony of daily existence that serves only to serve, instead of serving to be and become oneness with all. Today is your day to shine in brightness because you have a story to tell.  You are a storyteller of old. Like the ones you yearned to hear in younger days but no one came forth to claim them and take you on that path to understanding.

You found the path of your own accord. And in it is now a richness that only you can bear to birth. What will you birth? What will you grow? It is your design, your understanding, your choice.

Freedom to choose. This is your own freedom to choose. A path of your design. By divine right. By divine light that resides within.  Waiting to blossom. Waiting to thrive in the sunshine of warm days and dark nights that seal it with kisses and hugs, and warmth and protection from shallow existence. A deep rich soil. A sunflower bursting into light with radiance because of the light from above and the light from within.

Be the light.  Be the light. It is your right. Today and tonight are yours for the making. Do not be afraid.  We say that to you often but, your little Self hovers in shame and fear and doesn’t wish to hear your larger Self say.

You are here. We are here. We are here. We hear you. And we hear you well. Do you hear yourself? You have been crying in the night. For voice. But your voice is no longer still. It shakes. It quivers. It rumbles with joy. Because it knows of the awakening, and it feels at peace. It feels blessed in abundance. As a whole being that is it meant to be.

See yourself. I see you. We see you. See yourself. See others, and you will see the world for the first time. In the light.

So it is.

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