April 30, 2015

ME: How do we as humans listen to hear you?

MESSENGER: You are beginning to listen through your heart, are you not? And that is the clear channel for you. This learning is not a learning that is predisposed to being in the seat of your own accord. It is of our understanding and of our time, not of yours. You must trust this path, and know that it is given unto you with direction from your Highest Being that comes forth naturally to you in the night and during the quiet.

You are not in this alone, and you must understand that we will protect you until such time that you are ready fully to be in vibrational frequency to these messages that are yours for the earning. Or yours for the yearning. You are earning the yearning, and you are yearning to earn your way into our realm. But you do not need to feel that it is something to be earned.   It is your natural birthright. You chose us to connect with you. It is of your choosing and selection. We are here and are waiting but your Self that is of All and in All is also of other realms and experiences, and these have high priority for many reasons.

This experience with you now is fulfilling your immediate needs.   You are still in a sense of wonder and awe in what you have been creating in your life. You are manifesting greatness. Are you not feeling more free and perform free for the first time in your existence? Where are your bars of shame and regret, your bars of must do and have to do? These are being shattered with each day that you open to your own story of truth.   It is a beautiful passage from dark and night into day and bright.

We are joyous for you in this new beginning, and you feel us with you. It is a feeling of joy and peace. These are your mantras which protect you — joy, peace and love. And as you sense these with new and humble emotions, you are shining a new light on your own soul’s goodness. You are radiating at a greater lightness of being than you have in the past.

You cannot go into the past again and nor would you wish to. That part – the other self – has served its time and that sentence is over. It served you well, but you are emerging forth with a greater fullness and in that there is readiness to explore your feelings of new worth. With this comes the awakening that you seek.

We will be with you for the ride, and the ride will have waves of experiences. Some will scare you for their measure and volume, and others will feel more natural in their reach. You are already reaching beyond your scope of understanding and of comfort.

There is a piercing of the veil that occurs when you are open to majestic intervention from beyond. We are placing guides in your path who have answers and knowledge, and these guides also have rebellious tendencies to not seek the former comforts that keep you tied into the substance of today. They are urging you forward with their own stories of movement. As they move, you will also progress.

There is symbiosis with these followers and wayward leaders. You are sojourning together, and there is great comfort for you in not going alone. Do not allow others in who don’t hold the same vision for the majestic journey. You can rely on your guidance.

You have much to give yet, and in due time it will be revealed, but how fun would it be if you heard the answers already? You need to explore the path, and the answers will unfold. You are a student now. You were not a student in past years. You were absorbed in other selves of yourself, but now you are absorbing the goodness within you. It is sweet – is it not – that you were absorbed in your other life and you could not see or hear or feel us, but now that you are absorbing your life, you are able to connect more fully and keenly to your own realization of us and of you. We love the irony of it – absorb can be both beauty and the mask, and you are unmasked, and in that you are free and you are fresh for the new tale of your life. It is telling you of the awakenings happening. Listen closely and know that we are here with you.

See with eyes wide open. Hear with your heart and feel us with the whispers of our wings and know that where we blow our loving kindness to you is a sign in and of itself.

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