April 6, 2015: Being Led Within

ME: Will you help us understand how to help relay angelic messages?

MESSENGER: There is a knowing within that is driving you forward, onward on your mission towards future enlightenment for others who seek to have passion and to control their divine destination. You are part of this, as it is our interest to lead you within. It is your chosen path, your destiny, as you set forth this vision early in your experience, and you are allowing it to unfold to its highest course.

Do not doubt its brilliance, as we have stated clearly to you in previous times. There are mountains that have crevices of opportunities and though the sojourn is a steep one to travel, it will have majestic views at its peaks. Trust that you will be guided with assurance. We will not allow you to fail, for that it not possible on this journey. We have your back with your heavy loads that will keep you moving forward with all the supplies you need for your ongoing good.

There will be messengers delivered unto you all who will know the next step in the journey, and they will see to it that your message of hope and deliverance from unto the outer limits of comfort will be told. They will give you the stamina to make this climb, and you will be packed with knowledge from us as we whisper to you in the night of messages and dreams and in the assurance of things unseen. But you will feel us and in feeling your way to the truth you will have patience and understanding.

Do not get ahead of yourself. You are a head of the game. You are a head of this new mission. It is not yours alone, for you all are chosen to connect the paths of many. We have called upon you with your understanding and assurance that you will lead and not follow. But you do not have to bear it alone this time. Now it is an adventure with others who see and feel beauty and honor as you have so chosen to be honored before.

The past is over and exists no more in your kingdom. In this reality, you are the prince of opportunity and we use the word prince because there is masculine and feminine that must play its part with you. You understand this and you will use that powerful force for drive and ambition and activeness to achieve what needs to be done, but you will do it with love and compassion and that is what will manifest it into dreams fulfilled for you and by you.

Do not be afraid. You are not alone. We will come to you with greater authority in time. You all are growing accustomed to the conversations, and in time we will expand outward to you with more vigor. And the grace you will feel will give you the assurance that this is a task you can accomplish like no other. Do not take on too much newness that seems to overwhelm you and put you asunder. Let it flow gently and naturally and from a place of positive love.

Only seek that which gains within you a sense of wonder and bliss and purpose. Many of you are doing this well at this time and we find that you are enjoying yourself immensely. We gain pleasure in seeing you joyful and fruitful. The fruits of your labor of love are beginning to bear.

You are realizing you are not what you earn, but you earn what you are by doing what you love, and that is the measure of a women and man. You are being what you love for the first time in many times, and with that comes great responsibility to keep adhering to this principle of authentic you. Do not sway from it due to pressures from the outside.

Retain who you are and what it is that drives you inward. The driving you inward will, in essence, drive you onward. Go in to go on.

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