July 16, 2015: Become Wayshowers

ME: What messages are you here to deliver to us listeners today?

MESSENGER: Go within. It is there. It waits for you in abundance. Feel your way unto it. Let not the path of resistance and doubt harbor its ways into walls and blockages. Trust that the journey is set before you with guidance and clarity of thought. For it is in the clarity that you hear the messages on high. The high is actually within in the lowest part of your being that resides in your inner chamber of light. It is low, as we say, because it is unseen and unknown. It is the cherished aspect of your life, and it connects to the Great Oneness, the Bigger Picture, the Universe Source, God, Allah.

We enjoy the wording, the Great Oneness. Begin using that language, for it clarifies in spirit the connection of All to All. Does it not resonate already with you? We feel it is appropriate measure to break open the understanding of those who you seek to touch with our messages of hope and enlightenment.

We are now journeying to new beginnings of understandings. Things will move rapidly for us all now because the wayshowers have been lighting the energy in the vortex of time and space to create this opening in mankind’s evolutionary soul. And this awakening is birthing sensations of understandings. The masses are wakening to their truth, be it told.

The story of old is retelling itself even now. Your leaders of Jesus are learning that their message of false hope is one that no longer serves, for their can be no hope when one fears death and ones believe that destruction is God induced. There is no reality that allows this picture to be truth except in the minds of disillusioned illusionists who wander aimlessly in the experiential element of life and do not focus their clarity on knowing truth at its core.

So the messages we seek to deliver through you and others is that mankind is moving and must move. The darkness of existence that shatters hopes and builds walls of shame need not continue. It is eroding your earth and eroding the dimension of goodness that was the purpose of the earth life experience.

Evolution insists on the awakening. It will shepherd in newness of understanding. And get this: simplicity is the forefather to merciful living. For it is in simplicity that truth resides most heartily. Stories that fabricate fear, death, sin and other mayhem are not simply told; they are woven with great complexities – complexities of right and wrong and judgments. Who decides the winners and losers, the seekers and the followers? No one does in reality.

We cannot trust the complex stories, for they are errors in thinking, and they led man astray for too long, though time is truly irrelevant in this instance. And the fun of life living is in the contrast of the knowing, so this has been a fun journey for your allies on Earth, and they forged ahead through the pillages and the inventions and the sorrows and plaques. They did find love and truth in the arts and the beauties of nature and in relational love, but the scientific learning has not been enough.

The spiritual learning at the atomic level of Truth must be heard. Put the books away that tell of sin and judgment. Open and write new books that clear the path for inner knowing. This is where mankind, humankind is now ready to sojourn. This is the new frontier. It is not in space, but it is a space of understanding that is so far beyond your comprehension of goodness.

Be the light. You and others who are energetically triggered are the ones who are opening the pathways. They are seeking one another vibrationally, and like is drawn unto like, so the meetings and happenings will be easy now.

You are tethered together in spirit as though you were a large net in the fishing oceans of the world. This net traps, and this net also is linking you today, and the net has the form of energy so as it links you together it strengthens your own energy because it is emanating the heat of the radiant light of the vibrational net.

Can you envision it now as we place the picture in your head? Do you understand, as we know you do, that this etheric net is the key to the power? For you each cannot do this alone, this building up of energy. But with the connectedness of spirit you will and must latch onto the earth of nature and be the fishers of men. You are catching a good stock, and once you have collectively tethered the rope of knowing and cast it into the ocean of humanity, you are all at the edges of the water waiting patiently as the swimmers move into the net. They are wanderers and do not know their game in life. They remember it not, so they have become immune to the negativity and believe it is real.

So you are allowing them into the net of understanding. They will feel entangled at first, and it will scare them because your message of truth will not resonate. It will seem seemingly too simple. They have expected complexity, and the simplicity of love in abundance and joy and prosperity based on principles of “Believing is Seeing” will seem far-fetched in its simplicity.

But that entanglement will not endure long, for their bodies will grow tired of the struggle. They already are tired of the struggle in this lifetime and yearn to be home, though they remember not the home of their yearning. So this net will loosen unto them, and they will then move into allowing. And that is when their being caught will seem like a salvation to them, because they will then be released, and the ocean will now appear calmer like the tide that is leaving the shore with much less strength than it took to move onto the shoreline.

The hardness will dissipate, and with that ease comes understanding and enlightenment. This is the message of the fisherman that you all are becoming. Catch and release. Catch and release.

With your energy, reel in those unsuspecting knowers, and bear unto them your radiant light. That is all it takes for them. It is feeling your benevolent love that will begin to imprint upon them that they, too, radiate that light from above and live it within. This is the new beginning.

Be the wayshower. Fish for a new thought and then release it into the world. Think on this with pleasure, and you will feed the multitudes, like Jesus and the fish and bread. This also is a tale of miracles, of feeding the masses. And so it is.

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