June 26, 2015: Healing the Past

ME: What Higher Guidance would you like to bring to us?

MESSENGERS: A forging of time and space and connectedness to Mother God and the Energy of All and the love is the beacon that calls forth the wonderment of that nature of existence. It is a state of grand awakening and it pulls into the human heart its exacting sentiment of understanding.

In this love there is all joy and comfort and the dawning of the energy of understanding of the magnitude of all that is. This is man’s true nature, to be the loving essence of himself and this is the exacting moment of pureness. But in the state of the human condition as we know and perceive it to be in this point in man’s understanding of time, there is a disconnect.

And the perpendicular line of thought is ceasing in its understanding of the true nature of all that is. The perpendicular thought process keeps man assuming in an erroneous way that there is only one direction towards truth and it is forward. In truth of the matter, all matter exists simultaneously, and man can indeed go back in time as you perceive it and relive the moments of existence to correct or re-experience the previousness of the experiences of his life.

That is not perpendicular living. It is circuitness living, and that is what is being called for. This is because man can, in essence, recreate the previousness and relive it in a different vantage point and heal any of the hurts or misunderstandings that brought havoc and sadness into the creation of man’s life.

This lineage of understanding will change man’s cognitive thinking in that it will help man see that the life lived now is simply one version of the life lived. There can be, and in fact, are other existences that can be lived through the mind, because the mind is all encompassing and is an exacting machine that knows no boundaries. You are bound to find answers in the machine if you circle back to the beginning point and see a new side of the experience. Choose to experience it differently. Choose to see the circumstance with a new lens that is flooded with rays of love and abundance and joy.

This is the harmonic edge that centers us in the grounded experience of a fulfilled life. Fill your life in what you perceive to be the past with a new vision. Go deep into the bowels of your being and surge that past into the ethers today and live in the feelings of those emotions. Let them creep into you and feel the suffering, the sadness, the angst, the uncertainty, and the joy. And then, with your mind’s eye – with the heart of the soul in the depths of your chest-  (for the mind’s eye and the heart are innerconnected as the energetic line of understanding) and with those connected, you are called upon and invited to re-experience that experience in another way of your choosing.

Make it so in your heart. Change the story. Be the messenger of a new message and see what happens. You will begin to feel the natural reality of that existence. It will begin manifesting in the nature of time as the heavens understand time to be. This life unlived will, in fact, be lived in at that moment. All of the facets of that life experience will now manifest in the Universal Mind of Source, and in that experience your current day life will be altered in an intuitive way.

This new lived life will plant within you and in any others who are wise enough to hear and feel the knowing at their soul consciousness a new perception of who you are. You are now changed because that situation changed. Your poverty thinking of the past can become prosperity thinking today. Your heartache of the past can become a heart full of love today. Whatever the hurt or resistance experienced then can now be lifted, and it is limited only by your thinking that it is not real.

It becomes real if and when you choose to believe that it is real. The past is not real any longer. This new experience that was created by your all powerful mind has made that alternate reality real. It is just as real as the other lived life experience and that means it can have weight in your present day circumstances. It can weigh you down or it can lift you up. It is in your choosing that this abundance gift comes to you. You are free to choose if that new experience is real, and in the realness of it is the enlightenment to you.

Do you understand the depths of this gift we are giving to you now? Do you sense that it can change dramatically your life today and in the future because you are now fully in charge?

Life is about power in experiences. You were at one time not in charge of everything. But now that you understand and glimpse the wonderfulness we have given you, you are indeed the one in charge. You are redirecting your life. Any outcome you seek from the past can actually be sought and achieved: become wealthy, become a speaker, become dominant, become powerful, become brave, become loved.

And as you change the past, you change today and your life now has a force of power unimaginable to you. You are beyond great in your ability. You are the embodiment of the enlightenness that you are when you are fully conscious of source.

Make this a gift that you share with others. Be the light unto them so that they may also dare to dream of the potential of this newly lived life. You are sitting with this thought now. We feel within you a sense of joy. There is energy attached to your feelings of this message. It feels wonderful to you. You understand that it is similar to modern day psychologists who help their patients relieve trauma from the past.

This is a skilled learning we are teaching you. You must feel the words we are saying. Do not simply write them. Feel unto them. Find the knowing that resonates the truth. The truth in this message is that all humans have the power within them to recreate their past experiences. Life is not perpendicular. Life is circuitous and in that we always can revert back and we can, through the power of thoughts, literally recreate the life and make it a life that is desired to have been lived at stops along the path.

Find the points that are in most need of being altered then alter them in your mind. As a surgeon methodically alters the arteries in a patient’s body and redirects the flow of blood into the heart or brain, you, too, can redirect the lifeblood of your experiences with your thoughts. They become the scalpel that you use. These thoughts are the sharp edge that cuts into the past and the deadness of that experience and extracts it and removes it.

Then the practiced physician that you are adds in a new flow of life with the new story that you wish to place in that temporal experience of life.

You have now witnessed creation and that creation will, like the story of Genesis, become light and become vegetation and become flesh. And your present day experience will now embody that past day experience. And you will be changed and redeemed in ways once thought unimaginable.

You are the creator and the recreator, and the creator and recreator. This is unlimited power and potential for you. It is one of the keys of the universe which must be told to those who have ears to hear it with understanding.

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