March 18, 2015:

ME: Why are we unhealthy?

MESSENGER: That is a wise selection of topics upon which we will discuss. We are here in nonphysical to bring you the level of awareness of your full health, that at all times you are perfect beings of health. You may not feel healthy at all times, but you are. You are vibrating at a consciousness that knows no limit, knows no lack. And yet you have forgotten the beauty and the power that is you and is within you, and you allow yourself the feeling of illness. You have brought it into your consciousness by way of your thinking and by way of your feeling. It is a knowing of health and joy that brings about the state of healthy in your joy in your physical body, is it not? Why do you think that so many people are in alignment with their beings and are then in alignment with their health? It is because they have a knowing that they are pure and perfect and they are feeling their way to goodness. They feel good emotionally, so they feel good physically. It is really that simple. They cannot be separated. How you feel interacts with your physical bodily condition and mimics that condition. There is an understanding between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind, and they work in unison together. They cannot be separated. What you put into your conscious thought moves into your unconscious thought and it processes that into realization. And what also moves into your subconscious moves into your unconscious.

You may have a knowing that your mother is ill and you then become ill years after the fact. It is because you held the belief so long ago that your mother was not well. You love her so much and did not want to see her in pain but she was in pain and you, too, were in pain. You never let that pain go at the sub level, at the innermost part of you. You held onto that pain and did not process it fully, so you too became ill, and you ask why did it happen? What could you have done to ease it or erase it or keep it from happening? And we say to you that you could have understood that it was her energy to bear. It was not yours. You were not aligned with your own emotional system. You fed unto her emotional system. And it gravitated into becoming one emotional system instead of two separate systems. That happens frequently in life with souls.

Some may not be willing to accept the responsibility, but understand this. It is never a burden to realize how integrally connected we are with Source and with one another. That is one of the divine pleasures of life, to see that all is connected and that all is a weave of understanding. That what occurs in one area affects directly or indirectly the other area. There can be no healing without understanding that it is all connected. People mistakenly believe their illness is connected only to the external circumstances of their life: the trees producing the allergens, and the soils producing the toxins, and the air producing the viruses and the colds. That is not what is occurring in our world today. That is the great misunderstanding. That lack of conscious knowledge in where health and healing derives from is one of the great misunderstandings of your time. It is up to each of you to share the knowledge that we have given you through teachings.

That is the knowledge of Source creating within you your own health system. It is all within you to heal or to ill yourself. Do you like that saying? You can heal or ill yourself. It is up to you. It is not up to others outside of you to give you illness by spreading it. And it certainly is not a vicious plan by this God you know and love to strike you suddenly and unexpectedly with illness. Do not take that on, because then you will believe erroneously that life is random and it indeed is not. It is your course and you are steering it. So steer it with conviction and with the roadmap we have given you.

ME: What can I tell readers?

MESSENGER: Share that all is energy. All life form is energy in motion. It is of us, and it vibrates at the frequency that knows no beginning and no end. It is perfection in motion, and it is here for the experiential part of life. To understood that it is all, and that the emotion is the driving system. There is only pleasure until we choose to not see pleasure, and then we see darkness. But we can choose the alternate path and again feel the pleasure. Illness is nothing more than not remembering the pleasure. It is the allowing of pain points from our past thinking to drop into our consciousness and create the dis ease of the moment.

There are many pain points we let in, and they take hold in our body. When we are having many pleasure points in our life and in our days, the pain points can be flitted away and discarded easily. They do not take hold unto our system. Like a strand on a piece of clothing, they can be removed easily. But when our body is not feeled (note the intentional spelling) with pleasure in its core, the pain points drop in and they cling to its like kind, and that like kind is the negativity. The pain points clings like static cling and that beautiful dress then becomes cluttered with many strands of unwanted fabric until it finally looks like a shabby dress that no one would want to wear. By then, you are sick. Each pain point had become part of the illness system. It moves as in a stream and it floats down that river and parks in the eddy and says I will stay here a while for it feels good to rest here. I am not in the pleasure zone where I’m unwanted. The current is turbulent and I’m going to rest here where I can and I’m going to create there in physical form the disharmony that it going on within the bodily system.

For some, they feel the ill health and they want health so much that they can remember the health, and they begin to feel gratitude for when they had health and they think about the joy of when they worked out at the gym and they want that back and from that place of positiveness they begin creating their health. Or they know that they have a work project and they don’t want to miss it and from that place of illness they are beginning to see the positive aspects of life, and they are moving towards health in that moment. Conversely, when we are in our daily lives and we focus on lack and the things that do not bring us joy, we are opening that door, opening the floodgate if you will, of the negativity, and that allows the illness.

Understand this. That illness is nothing more than unwanted energy that is listening to the negativity flowing within us. That is all it is. It seeps into us and creates a stable point of that negativity and in that stable point there comes pain, and the pain is the illness. We can choose to let go of ill health when we choose to feel positive. And when we are sick it is hard to feel positive. But we cannot get well if we live in a place of illness of our mind.

You do not have to believe this, but it will help if you do. If you become more receptive to these thoughts we share with you, then you have will have a greater healing yourself, but you also will attract more good into your being. We are here to help you advance in your eternal ongoing. You are in understanding of this message and of this intent, but you have yet to fully open to it. That is why the word ‘integrate’ continues to be repeated in your surroundings. You are hearing it because you need to allow it, and you do that through letting go of the fear and the doubt and just trusting us to do the work.

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