March 20, 2015: Messages of Truth

ME:  Can you answer questions we as humans have about truth?

MESSENGER: Truth is all that you want it to be. There is not one single truth, for there cannot be. There are too many individuations of soul entities and all have connection to Spirit. And Spirit is all there is, so there is truth in all of it. It all is truth and even the messages that appear to be filled with hate and envy contain truth, for there is nothing that is not all that is.

It all has meaning, so your truth is what feels like heaven and honor to you. If your truth leads you to peace, then you know it is the message you are meant to hear. For messages that lead to confusion and anger and fear and hate are not truth, but they serve to show the juxtaposition and can then give clarity as to what the truth is.

We learn as humans from what does not feel of right intent, just as we learn truth from what does feel right. All paths lead towards the one realization that we are powerful images of source energy and, combined, we are all that the Protector created. And that expansion lives within us and guides us now. There is beauty in the messages of truth.

You cannot live in the now moment and not feel the truth of it. For the Now is truth. It is the symbolic Now of everything in the singleness of the moment. The all in the nothingness, so to speak. It is complex, this subject matter of space and time continuum, but it is where truth resides, and once you have the knowing then there is joy in that knowing.

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