March 20, 2015: On Trust

ME: What can you teach us about trust?

MESSENGER: We know that trust is an issue of fear for so many humans.   There is lack of trust because you were raised in untrusting environments, and the parents didn’t trust themselves and didn’t know how to teach trust. But learning to rely on your inner guidance system is the basis of trust. You have all the answers before you, within you. Do you get that? The answers before you are within you. You must look within, and before the answers come outwardly, they will be given inwardly.

“Trust the process” is a saying you hear all the time with those in your company, and that is for a purpose. The process is deeply time consuming for humans. Process is in everything, and it is a step by step path that takes time and builds upon one step after the other. The time piece is what challenges human souls, because they do not see the end result so they do not understand the picture. We, on the other hand, see the end result first and then we see the entirety of the process and so it is easy for us to have trust in the process. That is clear for we know that it never fails. All roads lead to the end game, and the end game has perfection.

The trust is where humans find the roadblocks because they do not trust themselves, and they rely on an outward God too much for receiving answers to begged-for prayers. The prayer time needs instead to be a time of understanding that the creation is unfolding within and no begging is required. The trust that the end result will be beautiful is where most individuals fail, because they do not take that last step. They ask for answers and beg for answers, and then they let go and wait. And instead they should be trusting in the vision that they set forth inwardly. Trust is such an important part of the process. It is the guidepost. It is the safe landing for all things. “Trust in the Lord your God.” Trust in all things.

Trust equals faith. There is little distinction between the two. Trust equals faith. Faith in ourselves. Faith in you. Trust in yourself. Trust in your faith to guide you ahead. Faith delivers trust. You have trust to move mountains. You trust that it will be done and so it is done.

When there are others you do not trust, you must move away from that situation rapidly, especially for those who have heightened energy and are in the flow of their life. Those individuals who aren’t trusting of their own being’s soul-worthiness are the ones who can create disharmony and discord in you quickly. Their energy pulls inward from you and pulls you out of your vortex of harmony. They are toxic to you, though that is not a judgment of them, for we are not capable of judging, for there is not judgment. But their energy displaces your ability to be all the good that in intended of you.

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