March 20, 2105: On Love

ME: Shall we talk about love?

MESSENGER: Yes it is a good topic upon which we will ponder and share with you what we know. And we know so much, that it is hard to take it all in. Let us first begin with the purpose for the formation of love. We call it formation because it is a forming of the understanding of worth and all there is. At the beginning is the thought and the thought is what brings us into creation. And that creation is encumbered with an entity, an energy that is all that is. This energy as you know it is love, and it is good. It is all there is, and it is the expansiveness of that which you call God.

The love that humans feel for one another is beauty unfolding. It is with purpose, and you have the ability to give it unconditionally as mother to child, but you also have the ability to take it away, and you do that sharply, and you do it often. It is the taking away that we will focus on here because it is where there is learning that can be gained by humans. We give love as a baby to everything because everything is love, and we feel it at the core of our soul because we came from it and still feels its essence running through us. But as we extend into age, we feel the love lessening because we are brought unto new stimuli that help us learn and decipher what can hurt us or protect us and so that love leads to the other emotions on the spectrum of love and fear. You know that we have taught you love and fear over the years, and you understand it well, for there is only love and the lack of it. So this child has love and then finds other emotions that protect it from harm and keep it safe, and that love then transforms into the daily being of all things.

And that love then grows into a fullness of the doing of all things. Keep up with us on this. The love becomes the doing of all thing, and in it there is a maturing of our emotion, and we then seek to have love instead of just giving love. That is a shift in consciousness for us, because humans determine that they need love when in fact they do not. At a soul level there is no needing of anything. There is only love. We are love, so we do not have a need for love. But at the human level as we expand in physical form, we have an unearthing of need and want. And one of the things we learn that we think we need is love from other sources outside of ourselves. So we begin to seek it, and the journey then takes hold and that becomes the journey of life. It is the exhaustive search for love.

We learn to need love, and that is what brings pain and agony to so many people in human form. They believe that they need the love to survive. Of course this is not the truth of who they are, because they are love. You cannot need what you already are.   You cannot need that which is your core. But they have forgotten that, so they tend to rely on it in the extreme. They feed themselves the lie that love must be given to them. The truth is that love is in them and is here to be given away. The more we give love, the more it expands who we are, and the more expansive we become. The more we understand that love is what we are. It is a never ending cycle, and its core is about love.

What gets humans messed up in this cycle is the forgetfulness that they face when they erroneously believe that they must go out and get something they do not have. They can give love and never receive any back and still they would be perfect creatures. Do you understand that? You can give love and never receive it back, and still you would be perfect.

Yes, we understand that receiving love feels good, but humans rely on that feeling too much. It takes precedence over soul growth. It takes on the all, and the all becomes the getting, and the getting then leads to disillusion and lack because you cannot get enough from outside of you to nurture you forever. It cannot be done. Just as the oceans must have its full intake of the atmosphere and the water to sustain itself, it is nature. That is part of it and it works in perfect harmony with the earth to create the water. It has enough as it is in its being. It doesn’t need anything more in order to sustain itself. It is the ice and the rain and the humidity and it is the water. It doesn’t need to receive any more in order to be, and it gives to the atmosphere and it sustains itself.

Love is perfect when it is kept within and then given away freely without restriction and without a need for receiving it back in kind. And we understand that there is a perception that children need love in order to thrive and survive. You think of the babies in the nurseries who have no parents and the care givers do not tend to them and they do not thrive. But it is not because they are not getting enough love that they do not thrive. It is because they are not receiving the stimuli of the caregivers. They are instead feeling the negativity of those caregivers and that negative energy is feeding them with ill health because they take that on. They do not need to receive the love from them because they already have enough love within themselves and they are fueling their own sustenance. But they are feeling the negativity of the individuals. If the caregivers simply gave them food and didn’t feed them negative emotions they would sustain just fine.

That is the difference we want you to understand. The children do not need the extension of love in order to survive because they already have that within themselves. But what they do not need is the extension of other negative emotions of fear-based living. That is what is toxic to them and which is why they do not thrive but instead face demise. The demise is the de- emphasizing of their life through the negative emotion. A child could be raised in an environment on an island with another being, and if that being did not give out any emotion except gave shelter and food, that child would thrive. The child doesn’t need the extension of love, but the child could not survive well if the other island dweller gave out negative energy and hopelessness.

Love is an interesting dynamic because we do not understand it well. We feed into the hypotheses that there is one person for us and one right path for how to love and who to love. And that has limited man’s thinking for so many eons. It has sheltered humans into limited thought consciousness. It does not allow for expansiveness, because people try to seek the mold, and molds do not fit human form well. It protects as a shield does from hurt, but it limits growth. So the mold that is accepting today is a model that is finding its way to be broken. Break out of the mold to break out into some new form. There is a limitless abundance of ways to love. We must give it away. We must give it in all forms – to people, to animals, to inanimate objects. You can love nature and trees with the same intensity that you love a physical being. And that is key, and it is good.   Because love is love. Love expands. It can do nothing but expand. But it is in the giving of it that the expansion occurs, not in the receiving of it.

Once humans take in the beauty of that message, they can be free to take a new journey in their path and find a new way to live in love. Live in love. That is the message that is beautiful for you to understand. You are living your life when you are living it from a place of love.

Love means acceptance of everything – of every action, of every situation that may create judgment. Judgment must be let go of. You cannot love if you judge. You cannot live in judgment and live in love at the same time. There are not two areas where there is more separation of thought than in this. Judging is letting go of love. It is the letting go of love. “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” When Jesus said these words, the people did not understand its intent. They did not know that the “lest ye be judged” meant that the judging would be upon them by them. But you already know this because you understand our teachings. You know that when we judge others, we place that negative energy back on us and it creates lack and it creates a lesser-than within us. It is contracting in nature.

So judge not. Judge what you can, when you can, with only love. Judge love as love. Judge everything with eyes of love. That is the only level of judgment that is acceptable on this earth.   To judge all as love. And when you see all as love, you see all as good and all as God. God is love. God is good. God is love. Love is good. Love is god.

Two people do not have to live in eternity together to find happiness in love. Love can be fleeting. There is a time for loving relationship, but when they end, they should end with love as the grand goal. And that makes it harmonious. There should be no separation from love that experiences pain. Love and pain do not exist in the same spectrum of space. Love should never bring about not love.

When you are feeling that this is happening, you must reassess your loving nature and determine why you are seeking fear. When you aren’t in a space of love you are in a space of fear. And fear is a space of lack. Your lack of love is creating the fear. Our lack of love is creating more lack of love and that is creating more fear. It is a painful and vicious cycle that erodes harmony and it must be stopped. When you are non- loving, you must distance yourself from the situation and find harmony elsewhere in any form and give love to that. But you must always go back to that loving or lack of loving situation and resolve it.

It is never appropriate to leave a situation of unlove unresolved. Lack of love must always have a healing or else there will be ill health. It cannot be anything less than. You cannot love a being and then not love a being and feel fear-based rejection and anger, and ever feel healthy.   Find a way to find healing, and then you can lovingly let that relationship flow into others and outside of you. You are then free to expand in other ways, but that unresolved lost love relationship will consume negative space within you.

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