March 23, 2015: Angelic Realm

ME: Where are you Shara?

MESSENGER: I am everything. I do not exist in physical form, though there were days when we did – each in our individuation. There were many of us who chose to be part of a collective consciousness, because the experience of the oneness gave us higher truth and greater intensity of light in our being. We learn together as a unified group, an entity, that has no master, no head but there is vibrational energy that leads us in chorus.

And we align in unified thought as we come to you. But each of us has our own divine spirit individual to itself. There are soul families that migrate with us in our learning. We are not limited to this reality. We find many planes of existence upon which to wander.

And as you grow, we experience the growth and it feels pleasurable for us. We have more learning to enjoy in the nonphysical and will select physical again only if it meets criteria that we set out for ourselves. But we enjoy angelic realm for its offerings of love and understanding. Now, though, we sense it in greater significance in the earthly realm now than in before times, and this is enlightening for us because we feel the shift in human nature towards the divine understanding. That is the age in which we live and why we are able to come unto you with ready ability because of the receptive nature of the soul consciousness that is forming on earth.

ME: Where do you go from here?

MESSENGER: We extend into separate entities and find paths towards greater dimension with God. It is a beautiful experience that we cherish, and you, too, will experience it again, as you have many times before as you walk into the light and face the knowing. And in the knowing, you reconnect with all that has come before you and with the loved companions from lifetimes of learning together – those who did not incarnate with you at this time but who stand ready to reconnect with you in the welcoming home.

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