March 23, 2015: Writing About Unwantedness

ME: What will you be writing about through me?

MESSENGER: We will write about unwantedness letting individuals feel their unwantedness and gain understanding of its toxic nature and that it is not the truth of their divinity.  They will learn to shed the unwantedness, because it creates a falsehood.  It cloaks their beauty and creates the blackness.  But that cloak is one that has beauty inlayed in it and it protects, so once they feel the innate beauty of that protection they will be ready to wean themselves from the falsehood of the unwantedness.

They will want to return to themselves as they returned to themselves when they came home in previous lifetimes. They are unwanting of the pain, and once they see its nature of creating lack, they will gravitate away from it into the light of the truth of goodness.

That wanting will be harvested in them and once it takes hold, it will plant seeds in the good and fertile soil, and they will have a bountiful harvest of love and understanding. And the wanting that then will flow into their beings will be of greater good and will lead to their own expansiveness. Just as your expansiveness is reaching into you and pulling you out from under the stones that kept you dormant from us for so long.

Your intent was to have that world and this world but at their core they are not in alignment, so you must choose. You did not choose, so we chose for you, but at your inner urging, of course, because we cannot ever choose against one’s will. Your will becomes our will, because we protect you in all courses of nature. That is part of our mission and part of our glory to be of good service to those who have a calling for higher consciousness as you do, as so many others do. Bring the unwanted to us through you and we will shepherd them to new beginnings that have no endings, and with them we will shepherd in a new day that is quickening the enlightenment for others. The energy unfolds and expands and it cannot then contract. The expansion creates a multiplying of new opportunities. It is done.

We allow you to release the old and embrace the new. It is a new way of thinking and an opening is now just a crack in the door.   The door has the opportunity to open to its fullest extension, and you may walk through if you so choose. The choosing is yours alone, and we never will push you to an exit once you have entered. You may dwell for as long as the sojourn takes for you to feel at peace with your understanding.

There is purity of thought with us. We mean no ill intent, and you all know that at your core. You have listening ears and open heart to hear us well, and once you are receptive to that ringing of the new day, then you will hear the messages radiantly and abundantly. We can shelter you from the worries that you have.

There is only good in these messages, and we may bring slowly you to us. We are with you on this journey, for you brought us to you with your asking. When do you wish to begin in earnest? We can hear your heart request.

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