March 24, 2015: On Giving Messages to Women

ME: Many individuals recognize the Divine Feminine is emerging, and they focus on serving women.  What is the purpose in serving women?

MESSENGER: There is a totality in all that the feminine energy provides to the universe, and there is a coming together of heart and soul and knowing. In this state of wonder and understanding, the female intuition is in need of nourishment at this time. With the shift occurring, there are women who are birthing the new image for themselves, and they are in need of the enlightenment from others who have walked that path from previous incarnations.

These are the women in need of serving, because their blessings are to be felt on this earth. They have stories to share with those others in need, and as they are lifted up in understanding, they, too, can shed truth to the others further down in need.

And so you see there is a lifting up of all, and that atones for the underpinnings that have kept them in bondage states for so many ages. It is the awakening of the feminine spirit in full force, and with it is harnessed a deeper root of good in this world that you love and call Earth. Do not doubt that it can be done, for it must come from the sources who already are steering the path of helping women seek their acknowledgements of Source that is within them. They know not the power that they possess, because they have been pressed down by the ego-centric mind that has led them to harbor little light of hope and instead has filled them with anger and a lust for love that is without (meaning outside of) them and not within them.

They are here to remember that their beauty is not skin deep, and that the skin is but flesh and serves little purpose in this incarnation. It is the love of their own gratitude for understanding that will feed their souls and will serve to increase their purpose. They have a great and important purpose now, for the totality of Now is upon us, and in the spiritual Now the feminine voice is creating clarity of thought. And with it drives a deeper love for humanity.

This is what is needed, and it starts of all places with those viewed as the least of these. As we help them raise their frequency of vibration, we then multiply the speed by which others will also excel in their spiritual growth. We start at the foundation where the lack is felt, and then work up. It is easier to help those on the lower rung of understanding, because they are open vessels and will not penetrate into the negative spaces as quickly and will not feel like they are called to do other work. They will hear the voices calling within them and will accept it readily as truth that it is the Voice Divine that is calling them.

Spirit needs their voices to ring out in unison, because it will be a beautiful melody of harmony. And as their souls heal, they will touch so many others who were on the road of the forgotten. They will bring hope to the others who have not heard a calling for forgiveness and love.

This is the message that these women need to hear and which is why you are undertaking this course of action now in this endeavor in your life span. So that the spirit of truth will be moved up in consciousness, and it will arch up the remainder of the existing consciousness with a force that is felt. That is movement. That is shifting. This is the “why” for the “now.”

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