March 28, 2015: On Abundance

ME: Can you speak to humanity of abundance?

MESSENGER: It is an asking that is worthy of answering for you. You are in a state of openness now and you are feeling nurtured by the understanding that there is more to your being than just the physical.  And the spirit form is taking stronger hold in your being and in consciousness for the world, is it not? And at this time the shifting is good and is bringing questions that tell of new beginnings for mankind, especially through womankind or the feminine energy that is beholden until all in certain aspects of the psyche energy.

This abundance which you speak of is just that. It is the blendings of the energies of the masculine and feminine, and it is bringing them into alignment so that there is a larger awakening within that consciousness of thought. The individual entity in human form is having an enjoyment in finding that peace within, and it is feeling pleasure in knowing that there is more worth from the beauty within than in the worth of the outer world treasures.

This is a shift in thought – a shift in awareness. It has never before come to such masses in consciousness as it is now. And that is because we are bringing you these messages more frequently and are unlocking in many ones the one message of collective consciousness. Through this collection of beings we are able to elevate understanding on a more global scale than has ever before been imagined. There is an abundance of energy being created, an expansion, if you will. That is the abundance we are speaking of and which you should concern yourself about: the abundance of awakened beings on this planet.

And in that awakening there is a shifting away from the old habits of abundant living focused on wealth and prosperity of material things, and instead that abundance is moving into a deeper level – a rising within- of the deeper meaning of the course of life.

There is, of course, an underpinning of neglectfulness in thought that continues to keep some shifting downward in their understanding. They are not ready to behold this beauty that is manifesting. The abundance for them means that they are not as singular in their efforts they have enjoyed. The singularity and the competitiveness of fighting to earn and gain and win. They enjoyed the game, and the abundance that they collected made them feel whole. A holy shift, though, is occurring, and it is time.

There is no better time than now to start emphasizing to your brethren that they can be all they are meant to be and still be abundance. But that abundance is in thought and understanding and not necessarily in the acquisitions of fame and wealth and outer things. This is not a revelationary thought. We all know that the outward abundance does little to still the quiet urging within. We have blocked for too long that urging within and gave it no place to have a voice. We shoved it aside on the inside and let it wither in silence, but it must arise. It is a voice to be heard. A voice that has merit and purpose. It is loud now in chorus, and it is bringing an elevation to those who are spirited and mindful in their hearts.

The heart is the key to abundance. It is from within that magnificent vehicle that we gain access to the door of truth. This heart is the all within the all that you call yourself – your physical self that has needs and wants and ego thoughts that sustain it. But the heart is the center where we can shift upward into the truth consciousness, the Christ mind, the entity that is known by us as Source, by us as One.

One with all, one with all its majesty, with all its wonder. ‘With all’ is an important phrase. We use it to share that it is the answer. With all is within us and is within all. And the heart is the gateway to it all. And when it aches and stops and has no beating left in it, it simply moves us back to the all that is with us always. It is the end and the beginning of all.

There is abundance here. We start with the heart, but the abundance lies in the patience we give to others and to ourselves. The abundance is with the oneness that is given when we show love and understanding. We give compassion, and that is how we open ourselves to receiving abundance back to us. We give it away and grow in abundance.

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