May 21, 2015: Higher Guidance

ME: What do you want to share with us for our higher guidance?

MESSENGER: There is much for you to learn still and you are moving with rapid speed toward ascension and succession of ideas that will elevate our conscious thinking. We see that you are slow to believe in your own goodness.  This is a natural state for you to be in during this time of mobile transition from your doing to your being mind. There are many questions you have that will lead you onward towards us in a more profound way.

Yours is just a beginning path but you have much doubt and fear as you are one who insists in being in control and you do not feel in control in this endeavor that we are guiding you towards. But as you learn to relax into yourself you will have greater receptivity and understanding for the messages being brought forth around you.

When you see repetitive numbers (1111, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555), they are the sensors towards the guidance, and they are radiating frequencies of advancement, so you must listen to them and feel into them with your own vibratory senses so that you peak their ability to help you in the progression.

There are others, too, who we are bringing unto you people with the modes of understanding that will help you feather your own wings of advancement.   These are the mentors and guides but you, too, are the guides, are you not? Do not be afraid to lift yourself to higher levels. We will not bear witness to you falling with extreme harshness. You will not land at all but will be guided over the scenery of your landscape that you are projecting onto this screen for your own benefit.

You are working well in the manifestation of your dreams, but it is not yet done. You have much inner work to do to heal open wounds of neglect and fear. As you lessen those, you will expand other realms of opportunities. Do not doubt what is to come, for you have created it already. It is done, and you will be most pleased with the outcomes.

You will share your vision of healing with others, and the word empowerment will continue to play an important role in the delivery of our messages to others. You have the keen understanding of heart-centered listening, as you practice it regularly.  People feel the openness and receptivity of your heart and through that they are willing to open their own receptivity. So as to this, we say that you are the mirroring image they have sought as they heal their wounds. This is your greatest strength. It is the ability to listen to their hearts with compassion and love and to set aside judgment and lessons for them to learn.

Acceptance is key for you right now. As you are able to accept yourself and your talents, you will have greater understanding to accept them and help them accept their chosen path with its pains and dynamic choices that bring them into the fullness of their own beauty and radiance. But their path is for their own choosing and you are not part of it. You are a conduit for their expressive nature to reveal itself in greater dignity. They hold themselves in higher stead when they see you reflecting back unto them their beauty. Make this your mission. You will achieve great internal rewards and will make a difference.

But your path has many forks and decision points. Ours is just a glimpse into what you may experience. The choice is yours, and we do see that as long as the path feels harmonious with your emotions then it is right and just for you. Do not let the winning come at a cost. Be accepting of any outcome. Do not force understanding on others of your ideas. Be in the moment and allow it to flow open your channel of loving acceptance.

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