May 26, 2015: New Age Wisdom

ME: Is there a message you would like to convey to us?

MESSENGER: We come not to deliver specific messages to humanity but instead to offer a resolve for how things have transpired that have created the energy that is flowing today. By this we mean that we are here to guide the flow of messages so that humanity is awakened to its brilliance.

There is a flow of understanding that is ready to occur. It has been harbored in the quiet for ages, but now is the soul essence of time for the unearthing of this shift, this movement, to a profound new beginning. It tells of a time long ago when mankind, when humankind, understood its divinity as it is beginning to now.

So our messages unto you are for this unfolding. We hear your cries for understanding and for purpose. There is great boredom on the earth, for the materiality of nature is subsiding in its relevance. The win at all cost and the acquisition of beingness is going away as humans find more relevance in the acquisition of knowingness.

Knowing your abundance is more naturally relevant than knowing how to create that abundance. There is a distinction, is there not?   Do you understand the nuance of this? It is slight but relevant. There is a beingness for attraction of materiality, but the knowing that you can and do attract is of the greatest importance.   It is where the seat of the power lies, and that is the relevance for mankind.  It is infinite form today. This is where the pleasure points arrive.   The power of the gift of ability in delivering unto yourself all the treasure that you derived from your mind and heart is magnificence expressed.

This is the time, and we are here to guide you forth in wonderment. It is meant for you and for all who will listen and absorb the knowledge. There are many who are ready to hear, and they have begun their path of wisdom. A wisdom walk is much like a faith walk. You are moving ever forward with an assured knowing and though you cannot see the direction ahead, you are led by spirit through the abundance of understanding into an everflowing richness that awaits.

You feel it in your dream state regularly. All of you feel this, but the veil shadows you from fully breathing this presence into yourselves. It all has its purpose, and your path today is one that is charged with understanding and certainty as never before. You have taken ahold of your divine senses, and since that greatness moves inward first and then outward, you an outfolding of your inner beauty.

You are guided by us and by the presence of the One that calls itself All. It is magnificence mirrored in your soul, experienced daily. Feel unto us, and we will guide you to a newer place of sanctity where there is true abundance. Do not fear failure for it does not exist. This is your underpinning of concern for yourself. And of course you are just as the others are.   You have harbored fear for so long that it is the precursor to your own goodness that is inherent in you. The fear outweighs the good in many instances, and the weight of the burden of the fearsomeness does not allow you movement.

You are heavily trodden on your path, and the mud is thick as your boots fall into the muddy path. This is why you feel stuck many times, for you have created a muddy path out of fear. It can do nothing but slow you down and dirty your vision for fully awakenedness. It is not the path of least resistance. It is the path full of resistance. Yet you created it and chose it. So simply choose another path. Choose one that is dry with hard earth. For the hard earth is the surer road that will not break and bend and bow to the nature elements of fear and lack. That path is solid and is formed of great understanding of divinity and masculine and feminine nature combined. It is fearless, and that path is righteous, for it is your true path.

And you, once you are entangled on it, will feel like a navigator and warrior and explorer, and that feels exciting to you. It is this excitement that you desire in life. This is what shepherds newness and rids your ego of the boredom that threatens you with moral extinction. For you are morally here to be and express who you are. But the morale of the story for most of you is that you let the ego rule the stage, and it takes you towards fear and the muddy nature of good versus evil. It lives to protect you, but in the protection it safeguards you from pure joy and abundance.

Let this neglect of your own true nature fall away and treat that path as the explorer you are meant to be. Be daring unto yourself. Never doubt your brilliance. You have heard this message so many times, and it will continue to be our mantra unto you because you must learn to believe it. You sense its truth but dare not believe it to be so, for you think it is absurd to assume that you can have what you dream and desire. And you seek affirmations from outside of yourself that you are worthy. You are the mirror of society today – the daring to believe you are worthy but the limiting thoughts keep you shepherded in the pasture of mediocrity.

Be bold and live the life that you can create in your mind that feels full of joy, peace and love. There is no greater gift that can be bestowed unto you than to radiate all that is inherent within you. This is the awakened state that is harmonious with your eternal nature.

This is abundant living, and it is to be shared with others who are not on the dry road but are wallowing in the mud filled path. Give them a rod, and staff them with their own joy and assuredness. And be the harborer of their freedom to a new path of existence that is a road less traveled but one that leads to a place of peace. Where existence is in the mind, and the beingness is found to be of inner work and inner beauty.

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