July 18, 2015: Becoming Boundless

ME: What is boundless living?

MESSENGER: Boundless living is a direct-voice connection to the essence of your divine being. It is a traveling path of knowing that extends into the Universal Mind and connects at that inter-point where there is Oneness with all Being. Boundless is about letting go of the senses of limiting beliefs and adjusting the frequencies of our vibrational beingness. It then attunes you to the mystical wonders of the united kingdoms. By this we mean the Universal Oneness on the dimensional level of living.

There are boundless ways of expressing your life to yourself, and it is with heart-centered understanding that you become the vessel that is willing to explore without boundaries. This is a good word as it focuses on the ability to step out and above and beyond what is expected in life and find the freedom to seek new understandings and possibilities.

There are roads to be chosen that lead to boundless living, and they are filled with adventure and wonder. Yours is a path that is likened to this journey when you are ready to explore. Be the explorer. You are bound to find the path of least resistance when you open your heart to kindness and know that you are capable of a journey that is true and good.

You need not work so deliberately to make meaning in your life. Action is well intended but it has its limitations. It’s filled with boundaries itself because your ego thought is leading the charge. When you can truly set aside the belief systems that says you are the leader and the wayshower, you then can settle into your oneness life with the universe.

Nature calls you to be part of its Allness, and by being in the present moment and having faith like a mustard seed then even that small faith can leap you into new beginnings that have abundant flow. Flow is what is important here because it takes you smoothly to the end destination.

The boundless living begins in the realm of imagination first and foremost. Humankind lives in the knowing that there are opportunities to forge, and it is in this living that the mistakes are made because the mind takes control and the imagination is seen as a necessary evil but one that is filled with folly. And this is the limiting factor for so many of your kind. They do not understand how to trust completely that the “how” of the situation will be taken up by spirit and embedded in their lives. They can lie down and rest on that bed of comfort when only they realize that they need not have the answers but simply must have the dream.

Spend time dreaming of what it feels like to be boundless, and you can then trust that the reality will unfold in time. And the time depends upon the degree of belief and assuredness that this dream is the one that is worth pursuing at all costs. Feel your way to happiness. Be boundless in the energy of the emotion of the feeling and allow that flow to extend you onward with majesty and with ease.

For it is the ease you desire most, for you have not lived it long in this life due to limiting thinking of the need to do and be all the time. Simultaneously, you cannot do and be at the same time well.

You must learn to simply be in the moment and that is the dream state where the boundless you emerges whole and free. You will like this boundless you. She revels in simple joys and remembers that her essence is of God and that she is part of the wholeness. So she finds smiles on everyone she encounters, and in that place of joy she becomes one with that person, without limits and without judgment and without demands. She is a limitless being living a boundless life. And there is such harmony that exists in the measure of this goodness.

Take stride in how you carry out your tasks each day. Do not bind yourself to limiting thinking, and do not believe in the smallness of the earth. For this matter is of importance. There is largeness that needs accomplishing now. It is akin to expanding universal thought. This mission is expanding vibrational harmony on this planet. It can be done through mindfulness and through prayerful meditation and playful dreaming. These combined are the elixir that fills the cup to overflowing with sweet savory medicinal drinks that can truly heal the hearts and minds of men. This is your mission today. Be boundless yourself and re-dream your way into a state of bliss in each moment. Because there is perfection there, and that perfection connects the harmonious vibrations of your existence into the world vibrations and elevates their standing at a rapid pace. This is the time to be the boundless one who wants to wander inward and then wander into a new eternity with a more blessed crop of fruit that feeds the masses healthily and heartily. This is the function of your boundless life. Emerge now and be that one. This is done.

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