August 1, 2015: Letting Go

ME: Can you discuss the topic of letting go of things that no longer serve?

MESSENGER: There is joyful living to be had when one unfolds the truth of existence on this planetary system. The truth is that the environment is right for an unfolding of the elemental style of nature to reveal itself unto you. In this there are certain measures of understanding that the conscious mind seeks to have and to know, and there is a blending of the oneness from within and from without.

Trust us on this journey to help you behold your truths. For as we see them unfold, we recognize their extraordinary opportunity to create a life of bliss and assuredness. And this is the ease you and others desire well.

So we understand the nuances of how that joy comes about. There is a passage in the nature of man that dwells in the inner recesses of the heart space, and in that untapped area there are chambers that reveal themselves as holding the extraordinary truth of the oneness and connectedness to Source.

Listen inside this chamber with love and abundance, and you will hear the messages that we are here to bring unto you. Yours is a chosen path and a knowing journey. You have many mountains to move through your destination, and these are mountains of discovery of Self within Self.

You are peeling the layers of your truth and are shedding what no longer resonates. This returns us to the place of single connectedness. And when you reach that clarity of thought then you have understood Universal Mind and you have allowed the system within you to be its true nature of divinity within.

You are here to release the anxiety that holds you in a tight knot and twists you into a beingness that chokes and throttles your resources. This is the tying of the knots that ties you up in knots and creates disharmony in your nature. This is what feeds the illness of souls for so many others who do not allow themselves to see their own truth. They are not in a place of lovingness but instead hold onto the untruths of the nature of reality. This nature of reality shows them pictures of harshness and dullness. And they become bored with their situations and turn to the heaviness of life through the pictures that they manifest, which are simple drawings instead of complex artistic works. They choose elementary school rather than academic understanding at a professorial level.

And that is fine for their journey in this state of being now, for they are walking and not running. But those of you who seek to run know it is time to let go of the untruths of the being of nature that is limiting you in this life. You are awakened to a new harmony that revels in the joy of being in the Now present time.

And you are allowing the flow of nature to draw unto you like kinds of energy. This is what is freeing you to become more than you. When you have a flow of energy that resonates with your soul truth, then you are elevated in stature on this in-swelling of you. And this is the magic that unfolds in an evolutionary plunge. It creates a swirling mass of vibratory energy, and it becomes a beckon to other enlightened ones. They merge and form together, and their energy amasses higher evolutionary consciousness and lifts the vibration of all beings.

This is unfolding now in your universe. You are a part of this because it is your choosing to be one with this elemental nature of vibration. It feels dynamic, and it is, in fact, a dynamic showcase of wonderment. There is great love in this synergy, and there is a oneness of spirit that you and others have not previously experienced in life.

For too long you felt competitive in nature and separate. There was camaraderie but there was not divine connection at this deepest root source. And in that state of existence people felt separated and felt as though they were just one spoke of a large wheel. This worked in fashion during the industrial age of civilization but now we are in the enlightened age, and the rules have changed. They have broadened, and so in this adventure of spirit the connectedness is not of hub and spoke but is of a more central intelligence nature.

We are giving you the picture of the brain and its operational structure and you can see that it is intimately connected so that every atom of existence is in fact part of the whole. They are in tune together and in fact resonate in perfect harmony so the one cannot act without the other responding in similar fashion. It is more dynamic in this intelligence than the simple spoke of a rusted or wooden wheel.

It has divine intelligence, and in this fashion it has a new nature of being. So that there is never a disconnect of chance of one part faltering or breaking, because the cosmic connection of it all reveals Itself to Itself. And it heals and moves in one accord and can never be broken.

This is an expansive thought we provide to you of the intricacy of being connected to Universal Spirit through the other beings on the planet who resonate at your same vibrational frequency. This is the tribe that you seek to find and that all beings seek to find. And when you do there is an explosion of love and grandeur, and the journey then unfolds at a warp speed of consciousness in manifesting good and abundance.

You become limitless in your power for the nature of good you unfold as teachers and guides with the single mission of exploring your own happiness by seeing the elevation in others. This is a mission-worthy life for you and others at this time. It is not about pettiness of what is mine and what is yours. You must release that, for it does not serve, and you know that well. You can harness much greater good when the ego self is put to rest and does not retain thoughts of jealousy or self-centeredness.

Be the vessel for the whole, and you will emerge smarter, wiser, kinder and gentler. That is who you are at your nature, and when you let life unfold in this simple way, with you being a wayshower, then the way will be shown to you that delivers you all that you desire.

And we know what it is you desire. We know your heart, and that is your truth that you do not share readily with others. But we encourage you to feel no shame in your desire. It is because you feel you are magical and special, and we agree with you. You have held onto a limited belief for eons that says you are unworthy of being bold. And in that limiting thought you have placed yourself on a small stage in the back where you are directing others. But you desire to be at the full blossom of your own beauty. You can trust us as we tell you that this is unfolding.

And you, too, must be aggressive in taking it and owning it for yourself. Do not wait for others to be the organized one. So you can and should do it for yourself, but remember what your desire is. It is not for your benefit but to help others feel stimulated into living in their own goodness. This is what feeds and nourishes you. You seek to see others find their abundant joy. That is what the role of teacher and mentor is, and so you embrace it with love and kindness and always have.

Be bold in knowing that you are letting go of doubt and are moving into brilliant light that will resonate with others who are at that same level of understanding and divinity. You will fly together on wings of angels who come from the heavens and take you in their arms and protect you from your own thoughts of lack. Simply follow the light. Feel into the light when it shines on you through the faces of others. Be that light for others.

You are doing exceedingly well in being honest about your feelings and finding freedom within. This is all. Enjoy your day. We will talk again soon, and you will be ever ready to trust that your words are our words, and we will never steer you into harm but instead will allow you to be limitless.

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