August 8, 2015: Spiritual Meditative Practice

ME: Will you talk with us about the value of a meditative practice?

MESSENGER: We are here to share this important message with you all. It is of the going within to the spaces that are the chambers of the soul and connecting to that which is of the most High. This is the belonging time: to reconnect with who you are at the highest level of intent. There is no greater good that mankind could thrust upon itself than to remember the dutiful nature of its being. And in that course, it is related to the harmony that is found when one connects to the alter-self; that is, as it were, on the highest altar or shelf of life. It is the highest rung of being, and it forges a connection to the All That Is, the Great Oneness we speak about.

This is the meditative practice that brings unto you a sharpening of your consciousness and allows you, in the quiet whispers of the morning or evening or afternoon time prayers, a meditative state to become who you are at your essence.

You are entering into a new dawning of understanding of the majesty of your purpose and intent in this earthy plane. The experience itself in this physical form is no longer enough for mankind. You have evolved to a higher understanding, and that is why it is time to remember that you are collectively seeking to raise the consciousness of the entire planetary system. Not just the Earth system but all of the planetary systems in your galaxy. For they all are closely interconnected. They cannot be disconnected. Just as the atoms in your physical nature cannot be disconnected from those others in its being. And as each person raises its individual consciousness there is a movement of shifting upwards of all energetic elements. And that is the desire that the consciousness of God energy in this solar system seeks now. It is an exciting time, is it not, and you all are one of the ones who can help achieve it in its maxim. You have the force of will to become steady in your practice, and in that diligence you will bring about greater good and stability to this Earth you love and cherish.

Through the meditative contemplation on a daily basis you can achieve a higher resolution, and in this higher frequency of vibration you will connect inward and upward and can begin letting go of the shackles of the lower vibrational nature that have kept you tethered so tightly to this physical body and Earthly existence. You beings are ready to remember your truth as divine in nature.

Meditation performed ritually can help achieve this balance for you in a quite simple but profound way. It derives from itself a space that prepares a larger opening so that you interact with your Higher Self and the selves of others in the Angelic Realm who are waiting trustingly to assist you in benevolence. This becomes a portal, if you will, into the etheric world. And this is a connection that has no bounds, for indeed the larger your scope of service is towards this meditative practice then the grander your vision will become of who you are at a spiritual level.

You will become a more boundless Creative in this, your craving for lifetime experiences. Your peace that you gain in this practice will shepherd in new beginnings in other areas of your life, because you will not only have opened the portal into your soul chamber but you also will have expanded your vibrational capacity to attract more good into your life. Thus, you will be the magnet of attraction. And that is what most Earthly beings desire right now: to attract good into their life.

So, you see, the meditative practice is part and parcel, as you say, into this becoming a defined part of your Aspect. Your living becomes more full when you find the respite within and connect to the engine of your life, the soul of your being. It is there waiting inside you all this time. It has nothing but time to penetrate you into its core. Why do you all not visit it more routinely? Why have you chosen the mundane of the outer world busyness rather than going into the sacred walls and finding the comfort there? There are many treasures that await you. Peace is the most obvious one. It is a harmonic experience to lie with yourself and feel your living nature. It is bliss at its core. There is a sense of oneness.

That is what mankind and womankind truly desire in all aspects of being, and the meditative practice is part of that which is being sought unknowingly by those who are not yet awakened in their heart to their true core.

Be the light that shines onto them the messages of the value of going within. Let them feel unto you your own peace and inner heart-filled joy. When they ask how you have achieved joy, express it in terms they can understand by explaining that your prayerful meditation captures the essence of you in a most beautiful way. They will seek to find this respite of comfort themselves.

And that is how movements of forward-thinking and new-living begin. Experience your own light, and then show others the path. It is done.

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