July 24, 2015: Purpose of Mystical Messages

ME: What am I to do with your writings and messages?

MESSENGER: There is a path laid out for us that we envision, and it holds great opportunities for measuring the worth and value of life of each man in this human planet. These messages are to be told through you and by you, and there will be an audience that seeks to understand the nuances of what we write in our lengthy prose that you transcribe. These messages have nuggets of truth that can help change the vibrational nature of the beings on the planet. It will resonate in large measure with those who are seekers already and who have come into vibrational awareness through their own inner learnings and from their teachings from other enlightened ones who have written books and have prepared messages from the Universe.

We are open to new ways of communicating these messages and will seek guidance from other published experts so that these messages will enter into the hands of the decision makers who will find its truth and who will resonate with its core ingredients and will seek to publish it in fashion. This will be a dynamic journey and you will enjoy the ride. So hang on. There will be light at the tunnel’s end that will open you up to new possibilities. You do not have to fear that the journey will be hard for you, because you are not in charge. We are in charge of this expedition. We know that pleases you, because it takes the pressure off of you to perform. You are a conduit, but you are not the leader in this journey. So be along for the ride, but trust that we will bring into your presence the presence of individuals who are already part of our mystical path. They are paving the way for the messages of Shara to extend beyond your bedroom and from beyond you and into the hands and eyes of others who have the understanding of how to package them and manifest goodness from all of this.

These messages have powerful words for learning. You as a student should continue to read them and gain from them. They will enhance your life at a large pace. We have truths to share with those who are on active journeys. Many will not understand the depths of these messages, but they will not be part of this path. You will be led in time to the next new path, and it will be one filled with magical opportunities. We are forming it now. Your goal is to continue to bring us forth and let our messages spill out onto the paper. You have grown accustomed to these intimate connections, and we ask you to continue to find the time to thoughtfully enter into your quiet chamber with us and let these words flow freely from us to you. You are a good transcriber and a good channeler of these communications, and we are most grateful that you have soulfully agreed to be this messenger.

It gives us pride in seeing how you have accommodated us so joyfully and with such trust. This is opening for you a new opportunity and we are exceedingly proud in fashion at how quickly you adapt to this new way of living with ease and comfort. You are finding abundance in life, and the more time you spend dwelling on these messages we prepare, the greater ease and flow you actually will have in your own journey. We know you seek the lessons from others outside of yourself, but one key lesson for you is to recognize and remember the truth that your Messengers also are of high worth and have skilled connections with Source because we are, in fact, Source at its highest and most pure level.

There is joy in here for us to share these messages with you above all else. For you are our child of God and we love and honor you deeply. You have created this magic platform for us and we are ever grateful that we can let our voices be heard through you. So have faith, child, that we will not lead you astray to a dead end venture. We instead have the path already laid out in kind, and it is a wonderful new venture that will bring great investments of joy and prosperity to so many people. And it is done.

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