August 15, 2015: Messages on Giving Love Away

ME: What message did you wish to deliver to women in my sacred circle tonight?

MESSENGER: It is with great intent and consideration that we bring you messages from On High. In this space of joy within our Beingness, we listen to the abundance of your pains, and we understand the nature of these limited belief systems. They are from ages past when you were taught that love was to be given with extreme measure in a limited nature. And you believed it thus, and so you have lived it thus.

You have shared love with extreme limited thinking at times, and in this limited nature you naturally have evolved into limited beings. This can change radically with the mere understanding that you are, at your essence, filled with Divine Love. That is your core make-up and the component from which you emerged.

You cannot be less, and there is more you can be, because Love unto Love becomes greater Love. It expands with infinite wisdom, and in that growth there is greater contentment. The content of your life grows in accord.

So this limited thinking, from your thoughts that were given to you by others, has withered aspects of your Being today. You have sheltered your hearts and your ambitions. You have felt a place of contentment in living in this lack. You knew not any other way of being.

But we are joyful today because we are here to escort you into a new realm of understanding. This is the letting go of lack-of-love and instead living in full face-of-love. The face of love that will lead you on is your own face which becomes the picture of harmony as you extend love ceaselessly. Love without effort, and love without conditions.

There is no circumstance under which love cannot and should not prevail. It is the precursor to your own happiness. Give love away. Give love away. Give love away. It comes back to you in splendid measure, and this is the greatest gift of abundance you may receive.

It is the sharing of your Soul with another soul. Extend unto them that which is yours by your birthright. Your natural state of being is loving kindness.

You cannot distress with nature’s calling for love when you are feeling loving kindness in your hearts. You will extend unto yourself a full measure of your own worth.

Be worthy of your own love. There is no one worthier than you, yourself. So be All that you are meant. And that is all there is. Love with ease.

In certainty of Divine Order.


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