August 9, 2015: Vibrational Connections With Self and Others

ME: Are there messages you have for all of us today?

MESSENGER: Be calm in the light of knowing that your path is filled with wonderment. This is a new journey for you as you undertake the expansive nature of yourself. It gives us great pleasure to witness the transformative nature of your being. You are moving within, and the intent brings with it a greater understanding of the truth of your expressive nature as a physical being.

You will find greater comforts in this lifetime as you submerge deeper into the exploration of your heart-centered connectedness to the Great Oneness. There is peace here in that place of stillness, and you find it in abundance when you practice your meditations and prayer and your energy healing works. These practices are adept at radiating sensors of goodness in the understanding of your potential as a physical entity.

There is much that is desired by you in expressing yourself through the spiritual aspect of yourself. And one of the key ways of achieving this mastery is through your practice of energy sensing. It is most important that you understand that you are vibrational beings. Once you recognize this truth you can then sense the vibrations of others, and you will attract those into your circle who are meant to journey with you. That is where the fun begins in life, for you are not intended to manage this physical plane alone.

For you have chosen to have abundant living with the explorations through others in your path. And you seek to draw them unto you, and you do that by sensing their energies, and you will attract those who have the greatest connection to you. Once you can sense the nature of their vibrations, this helps you eliminate and discern most quickly those who are part of the clan you desire to create and those who are not. This is what has slowed progress for humans for so long. They connect with individuals at purely a physical or convenience relationship due to the proximity of these people in their course: a neighbor or worker for example. But the most precise way to know your path is intentional is to attract those who instantly give you a vibrational connection. There is much greater power in those connections, and they raise your vibrational nature because the resonance is at the same levels. And you rise together.

In other situations you may be lowering your frequency or not rising higher because that entity is working hard to meet your already-high vibration.   Does this make sense, and do you understand our intent? It is to have you delve within yourself deeply through the practice of meditation and energy absorption and distribution in order to resonate at the highest frequency that then lets you attract those who already are at that same pitch-point. The harmonies you will create together will sustain you in much greater ways, and you will accomplish more with great ease. That is true fulfillment in this lifetime.

You are not here to go it alone, so to speak. Yours is a dual path, meaning you have your private walk with Self into Higher Self, but you also have your companion path where you are met by those entities who shall forge bonds of trust with you to help you ascend on your journey. Enjoy the ride. It is a grand adventure.

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