August 18, 2015: On Healing and Life Force Energy

Louise:    What can you share with us about healing and increasing life force energy?

SHARA MESSENGER: Go within to that deep recess and envision yourself at a precipice of understanding.  Jump in and absorb the knowledge as you are surrounded by the intimate and intricate weavings of all that is.  In this journey as you spiral into the matrix of the knowing, you will feel harmonized and at total peace with yourself, and you will feel such invigoration as you have never imagined.

This is what it is to be at one with your life force energy as a physical shell that holds the essence of soul power.  This is the excitement and the zeal that breaks through when you are awakened to your knowing of the life force that sizzles through you at all times just underneath the surface of your skin and the rhythms of all that keeps you in the unawareness state for most of your days.

For yours is an understanding at the deepest level when you simply stop, clear and go within.  The sizzle and zest is always there under the surface.  It awaits you always.  Why do you not venture there more frequently?  For it is the lifeblood, literally the life of who you are and why you are here.  You are here to reconnect with your soul, and in doing so, you will magically harness the extreme beauty of everything that surrounds you in this life experience.  You will attune yourself in a new way and will picture all acts of humankind as rational and valid and part of the course.  There will be no fear of pain and no misunderstandings that lead you to believe erroneously that life is wicked and crazed.  You will, upon connecting with your life force energy, have such a flow in your own life that you will cease to sever the understandings and misunderstandings of the outer world.  You will know that all is well regardless of the circumstances because you will feel harmony in all circumstances.

We know this is a challenging concept for you to believe.  For you ask how could mankind ever accept what appears to be so unjust in this world.  And we are not asking you to see things in that light; instead, we are asking you to bear witness to the Master Truth that says that we are soul creatures, and in that elegance we are always nurturing and always connecting to our highest good.  And this planetary Earth system is a mirage at many stages.

At the lowest stage of understanding you see horrors and feel pains.  But as you rise in frequency of vibration you will cease to see and feel and witness the extremes that feel utterly miserable.  You will instead feel a greater assuredness that the universe has merit in all areas.  You will feel more at ease with not just your own life but with the lives of everyone with whom you encounter in life.

Your journey will manifest greater calm and maturity at this stage.  Your life force, as it strengthens, will vibrate at a greater context of understanding and remembrance.  And in so doing, it will harmonize the external elements surrounding you so that your levels of awareness only see and experience that which is at the same vibrational frequency.  And those items, by their high nature, will be more calming and soothing and enriching.  Good begets more good.  It is quite simply a beautiful picture when told in that understanding.  You can make this your reality by continuing to experiment with your own self-healing and self-nurturing.

Go not only to external doctors to heal your minds and your bodies.  Learn to trust yourself as the magical healer that you are.  You were born with the ability to heal yourself.  You were born to be able to nurture yourself and to soothe as a baby soothes itself in a crib.  Be that child who may be alone in the nights but learns to self-soothe, to self-medicate with the simple beauty of love.

Love yourself like there is no other greater love in this world.  Love only you with such intensity that you feel the energy of God directly streaming into you.  For this is what you are meant to be and do.  You are a channel, a direct linkage, a direct lineage of God’s natural healing ability.  It never left you, child.  It never left you.

Heal yourself.  You can do it.  Do not doubt your brilliance.  It was given to you as your birth right.  By right of Source Energy, you are able to be healed by your touch.  Jesus shared this message in his role as way-shower.  Touch the garment, and you are healed.  Look in the eyes, and you are healed.  Even touch not, and you are healed.  You are powerful beyond measure when you put aside your limiting beliefs of lack.  It is not outside of you that is the wonder drug;  it is within you.

We understand your skepticism.  But we speak Truth.  Perform a miracle on yourself by healing a wound, healing a heartache, healing physical hurt.  And let that joy and wonder then lead you to heal other larger hurts within.  And then as you’ve healed yourself with great love, extend that love unto others and allow them to understand that they, too, can be their own healing machine.  The mechanism is inherent within you already.  It lies dormant much of the time.  Pull it into active movement.

Cherish the ability that you have been given by Source.  Your journey will flow with love and abundance.  You all are healers.  Simply remember it.  Simply remember your truth.  Remember your power.  For it all is of God because you are of God.  It is done.


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