February 10, 2016: Peace without Friend Needs

ME: I’d like to call on Great Nature and the Spirit realm. What messages of truth do you have to share?

MESSENGER: You are lonely and feel drawn to find companions to validate your expression of yourself. This fact-finding mission is not prone to revealing positive results for you at this juncture. It is hollow and there is desire for you to find freedom within to know that you are perfectly whole as you are without the external validation of others. Their views are groundless for you in your ongoing. You can enjoy the accolades and judgments but they have no bearing on your inner being and your journey towards the peace you seek. Look within and find stillness. Find resolve to do what it is you desire with your heart and let go of the friendships that require you to feel part of their circle. You are and always have been one who generally is alone, in that you have not felt lonely. Go back to that space and remember how you felt when you were on your own path. You did not require others to lift you up. You lifted yourself up, and we are requiring this of you now. You will not find it in the throes of other people. You have friends. You even have admirers. But you must admire yourself. Listen to your heart. It is confused now and needs answers, or you need to simply become comforted in not having answers and just be in the present moment now. Trust that whatever you do is good for you. It is your path and yours alone. No one else need be on it at the level of having the role of making you feel worthy and valued. You can have friends without needing to be propped up by them. You always have given, in large measure, to others. In fact, that is what they enjoy most about you. You listen well. You are attentive. You are not typically the attention seeker. You are trying to move out of this and be heard and recognized. But it is too strong. You are seeking too hard. You must quiet your desires. Be simpler in your friendships. You will get farther and do it more quickly. Be there for others. Make it less about you at this time. You will find greater happiness when you do such. You have great talents to offer others. They sense it within you and you will continue to draw people to your heart who want to have your heart in theirs. But do not need them to deliver unto you the throws of compliments and securities. Be your own security blanket. Blanket your own life in the self-assurances that come from within.

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