May 26, 2016: Moving Into Energetic Connection

ME:  I’ve waited so long to write to you.  I’ve been scared that you wouldn’t be here or that I would be making it up.

MESSENGER: we obviously feel your fear so we have not burdened by yelling loudly though we know that it is what you desire most.  You wish to be awoken in the night and led to masterpieces of writing.  It may not work in that manner through us at this time.  We need to feel your heart energy first and know you are a willing student ready to learn.  For this is a learning exercise.  It is you readying yourself to be a reciprocal vessel. 

We speak and you offer your guided wisdom as part of the journey to filter wat we have said so that it resonates with those at your frequency of understanding.  We have differing channels in human bodies and each are connecting with individuals worldwide who are at varying frequencies. Those students then will attract unto them those individuals who will resonate with their writings and their vocal words.  So this is a new day and time for humanity to have much greater access than ever before, dependent upon where they live energetically.  The form and message content will vary but the essence will be the same.  It is of readiness for unison of thought in God mind to be revealing itself in rapid succession.  And with this comes dramatic shifts in the consciousness of mankind. 

Humankind is no longer settled in its delusion that this world is all there is and it is as good as it gets.  Because in many ways it is not feeling good.  Too much drama and waste.  Too  much abundance of those measures which do not ultimately serve to heal and prosper the heart.  It is fueled by ignorance of spiritual law and ignorance of the ways in which we create our joys through spiritual truth.  Once these schoolings are taught to humans there will be greater flow of nourishing love and greater tempering of minds which will alleviate much of the suffering.  You yourself witness much daily suffering with the women and families you serve.  You are of particular interest to us in this collective who have chosen to work with and through you because you do have a fascinating sense of connectedness to these energetic beings who are in the throes of living in the disillusion.  In their states of hopelessness you have chosen to walk your path.  It is one that works well for us because you have enlightened understanding and you recognize that by journeying towards their ends of the vibration spectrum you may catapult it onto a higher ground through the bare essential ingredient of unconditional love.  It is powerful what gentleness can do to shift and elevate those who live in the understanding falseness of fear. 

Be not afraid of us.  We are here at your urging from those many lives of connectedness.  This is the closest we have come towards true unison with you.  But your beckoning has been present for so long even in this lifetime.  The Shara you seek is not yet at a space to be there for you again.  It is not needed and you would drown yourself in it because it is the most desirable state for you.  Live in this world and be of it.  Allow moments to become longer moments in slow succession until you energetically can take on more of that which is the greatest experience: the Shara experience as you call it.  It left you mummified in the rapturous part of the experience, and we will be teaching you through our energy practices how to continue to exist in your own self while you also are experiencing the richness of a more involved physical connection with us. 

We are attuning you for the greatness in vibration that you desire.  Continue working your path as you have done.  Become the energetic being who you are.  It is serving not only others but primarily yourself. It awakens within you the channels and the chambers in your heart that must be tapped in order for you to be on this venture with us.  Spend more time here and know that though it feels as though the voice is you, there is the measure of us that is here and when your egoic mind moves aside in greater proportion, we will come through in greater proportion. You do this by digging deeper into your energy spaces that live in the lowest parts of you.  Sit in there.  Live in your feet.  Touch the earth in this space and be as far from the mind as possible.  Make yourself small and that allows us to move in in greater proportion. 

Feel the truth of this now.  Sit in the silence of this at this very moment.  Walk down the stairs from the mansion of your soul.  Feel yourself.  Walk down into the basement.  It takes practice.  You are still in the head.  Upper right part of head.  Shift is occurring.

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