April 20, 2017: Letting Go of Fear of Connecting in to Spirit

Louise:  Shara, I have missed you but have been intimidated to connect in, as though there won’t be messages from my Higher Self.  Why am I scared to connect with you, just as others with guidance also are intimidated as well?

SHARA MESSENGER:   You are too trusting in this material open world in the “seeing is believing.”  You are not yet adept at feeling your way through the darkness.  You want to be spoon-fed by verbally hearing us because that seems easier and more trustworthy.  But we are here at all times in the writing.  It is how we connect with you now and there is a time in the days ahead when we will have other means of connecting and communicating, but that is not needed now.  You simply need to keep pen and paper at hand to hear us more readily.

Yours is a laziness of spirit that has kept you diminished in communication with us.  We have grandeur of ideas and thoughts to share, and they will benefit you and others on your journey when you stop to indulge with us again as you have in ages past.  For this is not the first togetherness for us.  We follow you in many lifetimes and give you access to the deep truths that shine within us, that are harbored on our shores of enlightenment.  You are a fisherman seeking your bounty.  But you have been afraid to cast a net.  Instead you use only your hands or a small pole, so the journey of eating what you catch is meager at best and paltry often.  Remember to seek a large net.  When it is cast upon us, we will respond with a bounty of fish that will feed your soul and will ripen you for the adventures of serving others who are likened unto you.

You are creating a community of followers who are all on likened paths.  And together as you tread, their path becomes yours and yours theirs.  And it is rich indeed.  There is vitality in the awakening spirit of these others in your band of company.  You each have roles to play in your quest for truth and enlightenment.  You each bear a cross of truth that lifts you up into higher plains of elevation – to where the journey is white with light and perched above the mountaintops and plains.  From there the vista is clear and far.  You will feel the truth of the depth of this lifetime of mastery.  You have all that is needed for this journey inward.  Your razors are sharp with pain from the past, and you are still carrying a sword to protect you from hurt.  But these tools of wizardry are ready to be lain down because they are needed no longer.  The tool of unconditional love, of unconditional trust, of unconditional faith is all that is needed on this new sojourn.

Let the shields and armor of protection fall to the side.  Be bare.  Bare yourself to your self and see in the naked light that there is deep beauty.  You are enough for you.  You have enough.  You know enough.  You are enough.  The healing had come to you through this acceptance of self.  Now that the body feels healed and whole, the mind can be at greater ease.  And with the mind at ease, you are now free to take up a new song of joy within the heart.  And that brings a measure of lightness and refreshing hope that once lived ages ago but has not harbored here for years.  You are at the precipice of deep abiding peace in this lifetime.  And with it comes the truth of gentle understanding.  That this is all that there needs to be.  Let go of the desires for greater greatness.  It does not serve you now.  The greatness is in finding the stillness within.  Find the peace within and in that pinprick of a moment you find delirium of joy.  In the single moment of the day is the all-encompassing fashion of favor.  Have favor upon yourself.  See you in your true light.

Do not mend and mold yourself into the wishes of others and their journey of outer strength.  That is their game but not yours.  Your life today seems seemingly simple and even mundane in your perception of others’ thoughts of you.  But let that judgment go to the wayside.  It serves you not.  Your life is not a shambles any longer.  It is a life of peace and comfort.  You accelerated your beingness through these recent years of toil and hardship and you have expressed your true nature today, which is one of gentle kindness and tolerance.   You tolerate the world around you by being not of it but still in it.  You do not take on the whims and fancies of those who have shallow thoughts and dreams.

You are seeking your new depths and it is a long tunnel into the center of your being.  Here you find the rest and light among the darkness.  There is a compatibility of light and dark in here.  The dark is the stillness and the smallness of the world.  But from it emerges the light of us, and in this light is where you find your greatest stillness and triumph.  You feel at home here in the heart of us.  And we are your home, for we are you.  And you are us.  And we are connecting and linking and forging the new bridge of remembrance that escapes you from the mundane and fills you with the utter peace of the divine heavens.  Be in joy in these days of quiet stillness and do not judge them as unimportant or unyielding in the bearing of fruit.  You have planted, and your harvest grows inside.  You are working with masters who are teaching and molding you just as you desire to mold the clay.  You are the object that is being built with hands of love and tools of truth.  You are a work of art that is masterfully created.  You will be a wayshower for others who too are on their path of enrichment.  Be in the space of beauty today.  That is where you will excel into your next greatest version of yourself.

Surround yourself with beautiful people of spirit who are not broken but who are already on the leading edge of advancing their life’s purpose.  Be among them.  And be among nature and beasts of the kingdom who shine their light brightly through their gentle wisdom.  Take the natural elements as signs for you – the roadposts of your next and brightest path.  They are always here watching and waiting to be recognized as a sign giver which they are.  There is not a disentanglement of nature and you, as you chose to believe.  You are tied into the density of the world around you.  Every action of these beings in the fields and streams has impact upon you and you can feel the majesty of the beauty they harness when you stand still enough to listen.  Let their energy nourish you like the previous life nourished you weakly with televisions and papers and conversations.  You are in a new space in this life of yours that requires greater energy-building.

You must be stronger to be the wise conduit which you have sought yourself and named yourself to be.  It is here, with us, that you can express the desires of your soul.  We will practice with you as you gain courage to be the expressive light worker for the worldly stage.  There is nothing you must do.  You are finding your own success daily.  You are creating a new way of living.  In this ease you are remembering to let go and let God work through you, as you.  We feel your unease about money and prosperity but we say to you that you are safe.  All is taken care of.  Abundance is here for you now.  You are living it today and it shall also be here for you tomorrow.

When you live in the perception of upcoming lack, you merely descend into unnecessary darkness.  Do not play that game of wisdom of the material world.  Let that fall aside as you feel your way into creative abundance through the heart space.  It is here for you now and forever.  See it unfolding and trust it completely.  The money situation takes much too much of your thought processes.  It is an old pattern from the other world you lived, and it is the last vestige of that life.

Once you have removed that barrier of limiting thought, you will find enriching new growth in this life.  New journeys into uncharted territories of magic.  Waiting to yield unto you.  Be strong in heart and faith.  And remember to have fun.  For without joy, why be on this journey at all?  You are breathing in new life today.  Be bold in your prayers for magnificence and know it is coming to you in rich streams even now.


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