August 28, 2017: On Connecting to Spirit in the Dream State

Louise:  I am working to connect with you and my essence more in the dream state.  Is there any teaching you would like to provide on this matter? (as a sidenote, I began capturing all of my dreams that I could recall that same night and have continued nightly to recall and write my dreams)

SHARA MESSENGERS:  Go beyond the foundation of learning, and feel into us as you peak in the night of sleep.  It is here, at the edge of sleep and wake, that we are most apt to be present for you to connect.  This twilight time is near morning, and if you waken yourself and then go into meditation with us and for us, and then will yourself to sleep again, you will have opportunities to connect and to see the light that passions you within us.

This is an exciting adventure for you as you seek to explore your true nature of highest self.  There is much to learn through this exploration, if you are willing to be steady in the learning process.  It may take time to master this path of connectivity.  It is hidden from most, and the majority of the citizens on your planet do not ask questions or venture into this unknown.  But know that we always are here in the dark recesses of the dream state.  We follow you closely and communicate regularly with you, so that you may bring to form the desires of your life and extinguish the fears that hold you down and penetrate the darkness in you.

We connect with you, but many other beings do as well.  You are not limited in how often you move out of yourself and into the experiences of other selves that are, even now, in life form that you would recognize.  You jump back and forth between these realities regularly in this state of sleep. And it is here that you experiment and decide which paths or roads you will journey next, because you see the outcomes of some of the probable journeys before they occur.  You often will choose the ones that seem more challenging because, as in the dream state, you know you are capable of handling all consequences and, thus, in the living physical form you also are able to handle any matters that appear.  Sometimes the challenge creates a more-rich experience at the end.  A survivorship of the spirit feels good to be nurtured.

This is the joy of the dream experiences, in that you reconnect to that which is and always has been You, and you also create the new parts of you that you wish to have emerge or experience.  There is deep complexity in this dream state.  It is not magical but is instead the scientific clarity of the truth of the soul that is in the mixes of this spirit.  It is physical and nonphysical combined and is the true functioning of the Spirit which you are.  It is as real as anything you will ever experience in your Earth clothing.  There is manifest form in the dreams, and they etch themselves on the pattern of your life once you have determined that particles of the experiences are desirable for you here.


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