August 28, 2017: On Heightening our Intuitive Self

Louise: What would you like to teach today about any topic?

SHARA MESSENGERS:  Come into the new framework that we are creating for you now.  It is here that you are readying yourself for a grand up-jump in your sensing ability for connecting to the spirit that is us.  It has been your grandest desire, and we are working with you in the unconscious mind to allow particles and pathways to open that will enable you to harbor the information that we have for you.


You are scaling upwards, and we are most pleased with the speed in which you are able to hear the messages that are being given to you by so many in the nonphysical world and in the animal and natural world.  You have become a light for many others in nonphysical who can see you as they haven’t before.


These angels, if you will, are ready to work with you, when called upon, to assist you in becoming more transparent in your work.  By this we mean that you are able to visually and auditorially see and hear in the same way that you have experienced ability to feel the angelic presence within you and around you.  This sensory ability, too, is being heightened by the work you are performing on yourself and others.


We implore of you to remove the doubt that continues to hold deep on the inside of your essence.  You fault yourself for inaccuracies in translating messages, but now that you are learning and in this way it is like learning a foreign language.  You are given the key to the language, but even though you understand its measurement, it is challenging to perfect it unless you practice regularly with yourself and others.  So, too, for you must continue to practice to hear the messages that emerge and are then sorted through you so that you understand them. You are a filter, and our goal is to remove any of the judgments that become barriers and misrepresent what it is we intend with your messages.


As you continue to breathe in and slow the process of the brain and relax into the experience, you will be a grander transcriptionist of our information.  We have a natural tendency to seek out those who can feel us and see us, and you are on that path but we reversed the order and allowed you to see us before you heard us from within.  We did that because the importance of the healing for your son and for you merited us being so direct, as time was of the essence.


We have time to work through you now, as you have successfully parted ways with the restrictions of your daily world that kept you bound to the physical and removed you from seeking us out.  You are now free to move into us at greater velocity by simply being in our presence more frequently.  This regular connection will continue to attune you to our frequency, and your understanding will move at rapid pace.

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