August 7, 2017: On Connecting to a Transitioned Spirit

Louise: I feel as though I connected into the spirit of a 22 year old man (raised in Nashville) who died of a drug overdose.  But I doubt myself. Can you help me understand what I experienced when I felt messages from him?

SHARA MESSENGERS:  Go into the quiet of your thoughts and recall the feeling you had as you connected into the spirit of this man.  It feels similar to your feelings as you connect into us, does it not? You feel the presence of an understanding of a message. And so it is that you connected with his ethereal presence,  an energy strong enough to penetrate the veil between that world and this of ours.  You were drawn to him because it is your deepest fear that one of your children will succumb to death through drugs, so you are pulled in the direction of feeling the emotion of those people who are in that course.  Which is why your connection to the prisoners was so strong.  And now on this personal journey for you, it is your heart that is most tightly connected to this mother of the son, this mother who feels the deep and impenetrable pain of loss.

Yours is a tired journey of believing that this may be the fate of one of yours.  It is time that you relinquish that angst that hangs over you and within you, and that you trust that each child’s journey is one that must be traveled, and that you will be prepared to follow through on the path that is created for you.  You are doing all that needs to be done to provide a safe and sheltered environment for those you love.  A child can ask no more of his mother than that.  And you may trust that you will always respond with love in your heart, for that is the journey you are on today. And in no other way is this more important.

You have been preparing yourself to be in the space of hearing the voices of others through words and mostly through the feelings of the heart.  It is time to trust that the messages received from afar are indeed the truth of this universe,  and that you have the capacity for greatness when you lie still and feel into the truth of the nature of their being.  As with those in the world of earth who are among the living, they want to be seen and heard.  That is what love brings to you, the feeling of being felt.

As with those living, it also is true of those who have passed.  They experience the desire to be seen and known but in a more profound way than is imaginable to you today.  So when you ready yourself to be a platform of openness to these who have transitioned, they are able to find their way to you.  Like a beacon of light on a far away shore.  The lighthouse to the weary boater.  You radiate the light of love and understanding.  And you are willing to translate their hurts and pain and their abounding joys for their new journey in life.  And most are willing to share what is occurring with them on the other side of the veil if they know that you have good intention for seeking.

All that is there to be done is the asking.  Ask to speak in the beyond.  Wait until the heart feels expansive, and then you may know that an activation has occurred within you.  A connection has been made from the source of all.  In this connection, envision the band of golden light, the thread of connection, and work to tighten the thread so that it is securely fastened between the two of you during the interaction.  Ask permission for this bondage, and once it is granted, you may enter into the chamber of the knowing and ask the questions and hear the responses.

Know that it is yours to simply be a conduit and not one to judge.  Which we know you would not judge, because it is not in your nature to do and you learned well during your mentorships this technique of passive listening through the heart so as not to alter the course of the individuals’ own journey.

For in these days following the transition, there is a seeking from the transitioned spirit.  It is theirs to remember their journey and understand the purpose held and the lessons they created for their ongoing well being.  When we are willing to allow them to speak their truth, then they are further along on their journey towards their next new beginning.  Either in a body or outside of one.  It doesn’t really matter, you see.  It is all godlike in its nature.  And it is for the exhileratingness of the journey itself.  For the joy never ceases, regardless of the form of the energy that you take on.

Louise:  thank you for that information.  It feels good.  Did I connect with the 22-year-old?

SHARA MESSENGERS: You believe you did, so you did connect with an aspect of his being.  A pained aspect, for sure, for there was a dramatic shape-shifting occurring within him as he tumbled out of one life and into the next.  It is not an easy journey, the one which ended his life existence on earth.  There is trauma that is still registering within an aspect of him.  But we feel his gratitude for having been heard, and we understand that he is willing to pursue future conversations when you ready.  Bu not for the glory of you, but rather for his own knowledge of how to communicate with those in passing.  He has loved a grandparent who passed and desired to feel her presence in earlier days.  So your welcome connection with him helped him remember that experience and know that he, too, could have felt her presence more fully if he had believed in himself rather than doubting that it was possible.  We feel the love of this man in a deep way, a troubled boy who knew that his time was going to be shortened and who willingly allowed the journey.  There is no shame in his life.  See it as blessed and allow him to relive his best aspects to you when you are ready.  You will find that his messages are accurate to you.  Do not let him feel your doubt, as that will diminish the connection that you established with him.  Be of great faith and know that there is a divine connection when you are brave in spirit to ask for it.

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