February 21, 2018

Louise:             What are heart’s desires?

SHARA MESSENGERS:              The heart desires calm like the quiet of the sea. It seeks to be undisturbed in its restfulnes of all that feels good and whole and pure.  This heart portrays love at its finest, feeling the nurturing of others and giving as a mother gives with wholeness and goodness.  This heart longs for the understanding of the magic of the world. It seeks to be part of the pattern that weaves awakening into the yolks of others who are as yet still sleeping.  It seeks to rise them from their slumber so they may feel the richness of their being.

For that is the call of the wild in this life, to be on the edge of reason, where reason cannot be known but can be felt at its fullest, and in the feeling of the state then the knowing emerges from the heart.  It is a remembrance of the divine, and it is a calling unto home even now.  This heart seeks to connect with the masses who need healing, so that with a touch there is grace and there is discovery of self, and in that anointing then the mystery is revealed.

It is this heart’s calling to be at one with self and to nurture the love of children and husband and to be the daughter who shepherds her mother’s love and gives it back in kind and then some.  This heart sees into itself and sees it in its pureness and in its weakness, and it desires to no longer be blind and unaware but to be assured of what is truth and to match it, giving it in return.  Truth for truth.  In the honesty, there is peace.  In the honesty, there is understanding.  In the honesty, there is love. In its pure state, there is grace.   This heart is burdened no longer with the drive to succeed.  Its success is instead in the knowing that the days are filled with pleasure, because they are lived in the presence of them.  That is the goodness of this state of being.  It is freedom expressed.  It is an unfolding of all that can be by simply being in the simplest of moments.  The fulfillment of this understanding brings waves of light.  And these waves create the calm seas into which we reside.

Louise:            What are my heart’s disappointments?

SHARA MESSENGERS:              Must we dwell on those? They are not nearly as playful as the heart’s joy experience in their wonder of living in the state of being.  But the disappointments have surely had their ringing purposes for revealing greater states of truth.  Dishonesty is in the denial of that which is, knowingly or unknowingly, and this heart has experienced both states of being.  We feel us as we are today and feel a longing for greater release of resentment of self.

The old Louise shattered herself by her willful neglect of her own needs, lessening them to the needs of the more powerful and affluent and outspoken others who kept her small.  But that release has been large, and with it has come a forcefulness into a state of calmness, and with that has come a harkening of greater understanding.

The disappointments lie down as tamed lions, because the mouse has risen.  And the mouse speaks with truth, and that rumbles and roars into the hearts of others.  She cannot fully see what emerges, but she feels the strength in an inner chamber, a core of comfort.  The disappointment of rejection has lived within here.  But we put that aside, and in its rest it can soften, so that it doesn’t feel like blows of pain.

The disappointment of not having clarity of future path and future need remains, but it is folly, because it is of such little importance.  The faith is the train that speeds on its track in time according to its plan.  This passenger simply must be the willing partner, having purchased a ticket and agreed to be on the ride and watch the views.  A time is coming for action, but now it is in the patience and in the seeing of the beauty of the scenery where the magic resides in full.

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