February 28, 2018: On Knowing the Heart’s Desires

Louise:             What else are my heart’s desires?

SHARA MESSENGERS:              Be unto yourself and know the truth of your existence, the radical embracement of the nature of your soul goodness, the essence of that which is in harmony with the oneness we represent, which is you in its entirety and has been you since you formed yourself unto us and the world in which you exist.

In your existence now you seek comfort of the ages of wisdom. It is for this purpose that you strode into this lifetime, to be the magical connection of your self with your highest divinity of self. That which you have touched before, like you touch the hem of a dress as a gowned maiden in her divine essence. It is here in this deepest knowing of the words and emblems of knowledge that you are driven to your heart’s content.

It is in the recesses of this pastime of play that you venture deeper into the crevices which show a light that sparkles from the distance. And this light holds the antidote to that which ails you and which feels foreign, which is worry, and sadness, and neglect, and depravity. For those are feeling states that are not natural to your beingness and which you seek to repel with greater fervor today.  You seek the light, and it seeks you, has always sought you in your divine wayshower-knowing.

You are at one with the higher cosmos of nature, and into this realm is where your deepest hearts’ desires linger, in the dream state, especially, as you venture forth with greater wisdom and confidence into the brave unknown of seeing and feeling the alternative realities in which you thrive and dwell on regular and ongoing occasions.  You hover here in the flight of dream and feel the magic that you have set forth.  In this picture of activity and wonder, you are synthesized with the magnificence of the nature of God, and as creator, you are shape shifting your goodness and growing it with greater ease.

Now that you are awakened to this path of wonder and enlightenment, you feel a greater sense of worth, because you are connecting in to the you that you remember in your heart’s content.  Be content today to know that this is enough, this seeming walk, which may feel like a slow saunter. But know that we recognize it as rapid movement forward.  Bounding with new fervor and energy as you find new steps that help you leap into new realms. And this energy catapults you forward to greater mysteries revealed.

This is the heart path that you have chosen – to be a wise woman. A knowing woman. A soul who knows herself and her majesty. It is truly as simple as this formula. Be unto thyself, and be of good faith in that knowing. And in that stead there is a sharpness and clarity to life that will undull any that feels unwanted, until it is a thread that is no longer woven into the fabric of your mystical life.

Be of good cheer for your journey that you are venturing towards. It is never ending, but in this incarnation it has great expansiveness that has eclipsed others of late. For the time is coming for all who are in the shells of their being to emerge and bloom into the ripeness. The vine holds them down no longer, for it is a cosmic destiny of us to emerge stronger once the connections have been made.  You have tied into the thread of us, the lightness. And that cord has strength, and you are able to hold on with great ease today. And in the holding on is the letting go of that which no longer serves.

You are shedding the outer skin of doubt and lack and misery that was in the boredom of the doldrums of the passive existence. This is an active life, yet it appears to be more passive from the outside view in. Which is the beautiful irony of life, isn’t it? That to the unsuspecting viewer, there is nothing going on of worth. But to the heart within, there is a firestorm of growth and an eruption into deepness that is cultivating the oneness that is all that is. So be at peace in the heart of hearts. Find that calm for the heart light, and it will now shine more brightly rather than flicker with unsteady hands.

The power grows as the cord of life melds into you in common understanding of the bond that was created when time began. And in this clockwork of experiences, you are creating mysteries yet to uncover. You are leaving yourself breadcrumbs here that will then be led to a showing in other dimensions and existences. For it is all tied together. And your exploration here and now ripples into the other worlds in perfect timing, so that those existential existences may be altered and made brighter with the stronger soil that is cultivated here.

So mote it be.


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