February 5, 2018: On Letting Go of Doubt of Connecting to Spirit

Louise:             Shara, I’m afraid to connect to you because I feel like I’m making it up and that I’m not special enough to receive connection from you.  I don’t know my purpose and how I’m supposed to serve others.


SHARA MESSENGERS:             Precious Louise, we always are here for you in this journey inward. Trust us as we communicate these messages to you that you are shepherded by us and the almighty goodness of the One at all times. We never stray far from you, for that is the conquest of our souls  – to be entwined together and to conquer our fears as they are laid aside and are put asunder as we move into oneness with all that is.

It is right for you to be journeying alone, for that is your choice and your will. But know this  – that we are here forevermore. That we seek to comfort you. That we seek to provide you the essence of your own strength, for we are you, and there is the illusion only of separateness.  We hear your calling in the night and know that we can provide direction through the dictation of our words when you are prepared to hear them.  Do not doubt your own sense of worth. For we have been teaching you for these millennia, and it is now upon you to know our message even though you do not hear our words or read our words.

You are finding your true and direct path to the peace that you have sought. Think back upon the days when the fields were muddied and your picture was clouded.  That day is not today.  Here there is brightness. There is clarity. There is crispness in your heart and in the words of joy and love you prevail upon others.  You serve yourself first and then can serve others, and in this you are completing your calling. There is patience to be had in this time of cocooning, for you are beholding the wonder of it all and realizing how especially sweet life can be when it feels still and calm.

There is goodness here.  Do not move it ahead faster than it needs to go.  For there is nowhere to go that is not already here in the now.

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