June 19, 2017: On Being an Energy Healer

Louise:  I have been enjoying connecting in to hearts and organs as I’ve treated my Mother and other people energetically for both emotional and physical healing.  I learned this healing through the non-physical collective Angelic Realm named Geschichte (as channeled through Nashvillian medium and healer Angel Robbins).  Is there anything you can share about these treatments?

Shara Messenger:  Be still and dwell in this space of safekeeping.  Yours is a maze in a tunnel.  You have harbored in the dark, waiting to see the light, but you have not understood that you are the light bearer, and as you venture forth, you yourself will bring the light, and with it comes the magic of the words and messages you seek.  You cannot find the words when you do not venture forward.  It is yours to embrace, this journey.  We are here to assist but we cannot be the leader, as it is not our calling.  You have called us forward through early asking, but we are waiting for your leadership to bring us into greater ascertainment and understanding.

You are now showing the evolution of your gift of insight, and it will continue to broaden at a sweeping pace once the light is shined upon the doorway that that you are opening.  Pathways have been started.  They are rocky now with shards of fear and doubt, but you will erase those as you venture with more steadfast assuredness.  Yours is an exciting time.  Much is awakening within you.  A greater effervescence of what can be foretold.  It will shower upon you now.  Do not doubt its brilliance, as we have said in prior days.  We wait with wonder at what you will unfold.  It is time now for you.  See to it that your mother is heralded by her guided self.  She is ready to depart.  It is not long now.  We watch over her just as you watch over her.  Her flock of guides await at her side nightly.  There is much work yet to do to bring her home.  But the slowing of the body’s aches is increasing the time of disembarkment.  It will be a joyful calling when she arrives with us.  You will use her journey as a new step in your own path of awakening, as she will enter into you and her part in you will impart new knowledge of how to create and sustain higher connection to spirit.

This is your desired path.  We feel it in earnest now as we have not before.  There is less hesitation.  You are friending others in the worlds afar, and we caution you to listen with close ears and keen understanding.  You will be given deep information that is of utmost precious treatment.  Do not take it lightly what this gift of knowledge means.  It is a privilege to be provided this glimpse into other world life.  Yours is a special journey to this understanding.  Be humble in the learning.  And be accurate in the prose you write, as each word has deep energetic patterns and can lift or lower your own vibrational center.

We encourage you to write with deep deliberation and then to review the messages carefully each day.  They will attune you more aptly to the future messages you receive so that you may be a more divined conduit.  It is an exciting experiment for you to have volunteered to undertake.  We watch you closely to ensure you are fed with the absorbing energy needed to take on the magnitude of this higher energy field.  It is not for those light in spirit.  It can be costly to health if it is not charged through a body such as yours that is programmed to receive abundance of energetic flow.

Remain true to your daily practice of qi gong and energy absorption and conservation.  Sleep well and sleep tight and hold onto the dream state, as much information is coming to you even now in this newfound pathway of sleep state.  We are watching and beholding you.  It is a time of renewal and rebirth in the Louise who wishes to deepen herself.  We feel you and know the fear is lessened.  We honor you for the work you have done.  And so it is.


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