June 22, 2017

Louise:  What do we do when we have let financial and business struggles weigh us down.  And we know we shouldn’t let that happen when we have more than enough.  Do you have any advice?

SHARA MESSENGERS:  Seek to find the peace within, and remember that the festering of ill will can make you yourself ill at ease.  There is no need to place that burden of hate onto others, for their path is as they are making it, and it is not necessarily lined with the strength of integrity that yours is.  They do all they can do at their own pace.  You know that, so it is time for you to remember that and let them go their way.  Do not invest your emotional energy in them.

See their actions from a distance.  View them as you would view a painting.  You may appreciate it for its beauty, or disengage with it because it does not bring you emotional caring or joy.  But remember that you are not the painter of that painting.  Be the observer instead.  The observer can choose whether or not to hang the painting nearby and see it daily.  The observer can walk away from the painting if it does not suit.  And while you cannot always walk away yourself from circumstances in which you are engaged, you can indeed choose to observe them dispassionately rather engage like the wolf which you have been.  Take no offense at our language of wolf, as we sense you are.  You are brilliant in speaking your truth and being direct.  We admire this quality which keeps you keenly focused and resolved to manage or control situations.

But these efforts tire you because at your core you dislike conflict with a passion.  You seek harmony, bu,t ironically, you create disharmony because you are so willing to hold others accountable for their actions or inactions.  Learn to know when to be the overseer of the painting and to become dispassionate about the art that has been created.

And then learn to revel in the work in which you are the painter and you are creating works of beauty for yourself.  Focus intently on these experiences as the painter.  When you create a work of art that is all yours and is of your making. That is where you are most happy.  The money does not make you happy.  You have little need for it during daily activities.  Learn to withdraw rather than viciously engaging yourself as you frequently do.

Take time to breathe and walk away rather than saying something that will stir the pot of others.  They are busy working to handle their own lives and do not wish to hear from you as frequently as they do.  Make this commitment now.  You will be more relaxed and will attract greater good in your life when you can let go and busy yourself with those works of art that you are creating yourself.

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