June 29, 2017: On Clarifying our Purpose

Louise: Humans often don’t feel like we have a clear purpose now.  Can you give me insight to bring more ease?

SHARA MESSENGER:  Yours is a test of time, dear one.  You have toiled for so long in the doingness, and now that the Earth around you has stopped moving, you are planting yourself in the soil to see what will grow. And you cannot yet see the results because not enough time has lapsed for the harvest of fruit into being.  Your labor did well in bringing you to this point of ease.  You want to be at ease, but don’t you see you already are at ease.  All you need is here for you right now.

There is no lack.  No lack of love from your husband mate,  no lack of assuredness of safety in money.  No lack of protection of your children who tend themselves well. No lack of faith in us and the God you know. No lack of understanding of your own goodness. No lack of physical health. No lack of love and admiration from others.  So be at ease, we tell you with good spirit.  This is your time to shine. By being in the ease and flow, you will reap the rewards of understanding that you have chosen this simplicity, and by the choosing and the yearning for it and by the seeing it clearly with your mind’s eye, you have indeed attracted it.  You can make mountains out of mole hills of worry, which you are tending to do now, but it is all for fun, and there is no need for you to harbor anxieties as you are.  Simply let go and become the explorer of your own life.

Find roots in those things you desire to do.  Seek them out, and they shall then find you in triple-fold, and it will become a much more fun game than the current one of obsession over money as yet unseen.  Be more in the joy of adventure.  Find what makes your heart sing, and ring true to yourself by being in your space of pleasure.  Pleasure yourself rather than feeling pressured to always please others.  What does that world feel like to you?

Who is Louise if she is learning to listen to Louise only and not care what the others think and what joy comes to them through you?  What joy comes to you through you and to you alone? This is your test. This is the soil you asked to plant yourself in. So smother yourself in the mud of the safety that comes from the protection you have created. Reap yourself in the sun of the warmth of days you are creating by allowing the flowering of yourself.  The rain will not be harsh when it comes. It will only come to remind you of the clarity of this vision of life and to remind you of the difference you have experienced in the other realm of days where you were part of the cog and not the operator of your own self.

Be at ease as we assure you this is a grand experiment, and you are rewarding yourself justly for what you have created in mind and spirit.  Enjoy its bounty now,  for things will change in time, so be fully here, and go out and find what attracts to you the greatest amount of fun and brightness.

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