March 1, 2018: On Energy Clearings of Residuals/Ghosts

Louise:            I cleared a house and woman’s energy outside Nashville, TN today with a Nashville medium and healer and her non-physical collective angelic guides. Thank you for being there with me, and for giving me insight prior to the clearing of her late husband planting trees.  That was a beautiful sign I was able to give her, and it gave me confidence of my growing abilities.  What advice can you give on how I can continue to hone this skill of clearing homes and people’s energy?

SHARA MESSENGERS:              It is now time that is burgeoning for you to grow into the deep roots that you have planted, as the tree that is emerging solid from the ground. This is your momentum that you have been seeking, and we call it forth as a loud horn of music that brings chords and choruses of sound and harmony.  You are in a new and pivotal point in your exploration as you gain momentum from the strength of this experience and the knowing that the others to follow will have greater impact on your ability to create magic within yourself.

There is a fondness within you of this type of work, a calling that has resonated within you for so long and is part of the nature of your being, to be the seer and the knower.  This calling clings to you now as you harness it with greater fervor.  You know that you know, yet you have allowed the timid mouse to be in the lion’s cage.  Now you awaken and emerge with the greater sense of standing strong, and you can easily slip through the bars that you created which were cages of imprisonment that limited your thinking self. As these bars evaporate, so does your inclination to be in the smallness of light.

You have the ownership of your emerging mastery. And with it you will find likened beings who help to shepherd you forward even still.  For there is a pack of you, the wolves who are hunters of their own freedom.  A dogged adventure is on the midst, and with it comes a pride.  This is a tribe of a group that clings to the past no more. Each brings his own gifts and skills.  Each has snuffed out the past that has depths of doubt.  Arising instead is the assurance of things yet to come and a knowing that this path leads to healing and healthy new ways of being.

Your faith emerges strong today.  We give you signs of your own greatness and yet you listen not, often.  So continue to find the time to dwell within. This is where the play occurs.  Let not the outer trappings keep you in a mollified and placid state.  These have no bearing on your gifts emerging.  You cannot grow stronger when you rely on the mundane of your daily existence.  Let those go to the wayside and spend more time in this realm with us.

You ask often, but we cannot deliver if you are not in a space of quiet to listen and to practice.  You must practice in order to strengthen the muscle memory of us.  We cannot be worn lightly like layers of clothes which can be worn and shed.  We instead are to be armor which takes up permanent residence on this physical body of yours.  As you wear us, you will attain the royalty of mind and spirit.

Because you say this is your heart’s desire, you must forge ahead with a deeper commitment.  A leveling up is needed in order for you to take on greater challenges that we have in mind for you.  You must become razor sharp in order to penetrate the veil that lies between us, in illusion.  It is dark in that space between us, but you will see more cracks into the light when you spend more time in the heaviness of what we teach.

It is not for the faint of heart. We ask much but also will give of ourselves in very meaningful ways.  Listen with true heart intention and falter not, though the path is worn with rocky edges and uneven coverings.  Listen and learn. And in the learning will emerge the confidence for you to wander off the beaten path and create a new one that is yours alone.  You are readying yourself for a grand adventure. Trust yourself as you are learning to trust us. We cannot work through you if you do not make way for us. And the way you create that opening is by learning to be the receptive chef of your own domain.  Be the chef in the kitchen who caters to us by learning to live within your own talents and not just trust those around you.

Use your own ingenuity to delve deeper into your talents.  Rely less on others and take your own lead with a solid grip. Your force is strong when you set out to achieve results.  The results you seek with us are powerful.  We cannot emphasize enough that there is magnitude within you, but you have not created the resolve to usher it in.  Be bold and go forth, and allow us to play more roles within your life.  Call on us daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and see how we respond.  We will not let you down, just as you have not let us down on this course we are creating together.

We are your teachers but you also teach us as you dwell within us.  We grow and learn together, and we are in much anticipation as this develops. We trust you to nurture this connection we have created.  We will tend to it with love and honor as we guide you along smoothly.  We will build you up as you create the garden of beauty that has rich soil. And you will start over the wall and will see the massive expansiveness that awaits you. Truly a garden of Eden, and the wall will tumble down onto yours and you will see that we are merely one and that you are an extension of us, in all times, in all might, as it has meant to be.

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