May 11, 2017: Connecting with Alien Beings

Louise:  What can you tell me about the blue aliens who connected with my Nashville friend, who is a clairaudiant medium and healer, and with me during our energy clearing on a property where we felt a portal?

Shara Messengers:  There are openings and passageways in time where it is possible and is occurring for beings of multidimensional experiences and existences to hurl themselves through with the mind essence into this planet earth. Most are here for the enjoyment of the learning of mankind’s progress through the time circumference and the in the elemental matter of this plane of thought.  Theirs – the individuals of whom you speak – are of the nature of good and intend no harm.  Theirs is a picturesque existence between the walls of civilizations like yours, and in this small cavern of space they have acquired a deep knowing of science related to travel within dimensions.  Quite advanced in their learnings and in their teachings to other civilizations that are ready for the teachings.

Earth is not yet one of those planes where learning is willingly accepted or sought.  This dimension of theirs has harbored great sadness and burdens of responsibility for the health of other planets within their close grasp.  It has torn their realm by taking much of their focus and energy.  They are now more cautious in the giving away of their nature’s source of supply.  In this regard, they are mining the earth for any deeper elements of truth that can help them to rebuild their own universal light and sustain them through greater understanding.  They seek to take nothing from earth except that which is joy that is abounding in the lifeblood of humans.  As they witness and feel its essence of strength, they themselves are nourished and replenished with great joy for the abundance of the Universal life of us all.

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